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QuickBooks damaged company file or network connectivity issues are two main problems that are found most often by users while they utilizing their QuickBooks accounting software. So, to fight unwanted interference and these two main and challenging issues with the accounting software, Intuit gave the best and a new tool in the year 2012. And the best tool is QuickBooks File Doctor, this tool easily diagnoses and overcome all the challenges which are faced by users due to file damage or network connectivity issues. File doctor for QuickBooks software is one of the perfect tools to easily manage & maintain all the accounting tasks.

The new and amazing incorporated QB File Doctor tool was an excellent combination of file diagnostic tools and network connection diagnostic tools. And also QB File Doctor is a great software that is responsible for checking all data in the QuickBooks files from getting corrupt. The QB File Doctor is always capable of testing all user’s network and easily help the user’s to fixing the concerned network issues that are really creating the problems with the QuickBooks accounting software.

The amazing QuickBooks File Doctor new tool can easily help you if:-

  • You can not simply open your company file and face one of the following error messages like –6150, -6000 -82, -6000 -305, -6000 -301, –6147, or -6130.
  • You get some of these types of errors like H101, H202, H303, or H505 error (error opening QuickBooks over a multi-user setup or network problems).
  • Your file is seriously corrupt and will not open, but you can easily open sample company files (or other files).

What Is QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor is an advanced and greatest version of the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. And it that have been combined into all type of best versions of QuickBooks starting from QuickBooks 2016 and also later. It can be used to diagnose and easily repair most occurring issues or errors in your company files or network, and as well as your internet connection.

QBFD simply checks your company damaged file or network and tries to resolve it as easily and quickly as possible. This is one of the most famous and important components of troubleshooting steps when your company files or network are seriously corrupt or not responding because of some issues. And also with this, the software works for the UK and US versions of QuickBooks.

Note: The amazing QB File Doctor only works in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. And it is NOT fit or compatible with QuickBooks for Mac.

Some Important Things About QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

There are some important and wonderful things to know about QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:-

  • The first thing is that you must uninstall the current or existing QBFD before downloading the latest version.
    All the greatest QuickBooks versions post 2015 come with an inbuilt QB File Doctor, and it’s advised to use an external file doctor tool.
  • QBFD is always compatible is with all QuickBooks Desktops for amazing Windows versions.
  • QB File Doctor never works with QuickBooks for MAC.
  • QBFD may develop on its own in case of some issues or errors. So simply click the start button and then just allow the new tool to do its job.
  • There are two types of QB File Doctor tool and both of excellent:
  1. Built-in file doctor (always available in all QuickBooks 2016 and best later versions).
  2. QB File Doctor stand-alone version (easily download from the internet).

How To Use The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

QuickBooks File Doctor file cannot resolve all QuickBooks errors and issues. So in that case, professional assistance has to resolve a few issues and errors. And this situation where you need the best QuickBooks ProAdviser team.

  • First, just download the QuickBooks File Doctor to your computer.
  • And after the download is complete, then simply double-click qbdb.exe and just follow the on-screen instructions to easily install the QuickBooks File Doctor.

Note: So if you use Windows 10 and have some trouble installing the QB File Doctor, then just follow the instructions to enable Microsoft.Net 3.5.

  • So after installing the QBFD opens easily and automatically.
  • Then use the drop-down list to find your company file or network. And if you do not see your company file or network in the list, simply click the browse button and manually locate it to continue.
  • Now choose one of the following options:-
  1. Both file damage and network connectivity: If you assume your company file or network is corrupt, or you see such type of 6xxx errors (like -6150, -6000 -82, -6000 -305, -6000 -301, -6147, or -6130) when you try to open your company file or network (data file problems).
  2. Network connectivity only: If you are using QB accounting software in a multi-user setup and get such type of H202 (or H303/H505) error when you try to open your company file or network (network errors) in Multi-user mode.
  • When prompted, then just enter the admin password for your company file or network and then simply click next.
  • Then you will be prompted to select server/host or workstation. It is most important to make sure that you pick the best and right option:-
  1. If you are running a File Doctor on a workstation then simply pick or choose the workstation.
  2. And if you are running File Doctor on a server computer so then just choose a server. If you are the only user and use QuickBooks on only one computer so in that case, you should also pick a server.
  • Simply select one of the following options, if prompted to share your company file or network:-
  1. Yes: If you are simply running a File Doctor on the computer hosting the company file or network.
  2. No: If you are running a File Doctor on a computer that is not hosting the company file or network.
  • Now just wait until the File Doctor finishes diagnosing.

Note: If you are simply running the data damage + networking option, then you will have to wait until the tool finishes.

Some Limitations You Might Face While Using File Doctor Tool

  • It needs administrators easy access to use.
  • You will need a decently high and fast internet connection.
  • The company file or network you are trying to diagnose should not exceed the maximum space limitations of 2GB.
  • The QuickBooks File Doctor works best and amazing if you are working with a unique and single installation of QuickBooks on your computer.
  • Always use the latest version of QuickBooks on your computer. And if you use a previous version on your system, so in that case, it might properly detect your error and issue.
  • It only works for the Windows Operating System versions of QuickBooks. As of now, the File Doctor is not always fit or compatible with Mac versions.

Fix Damaged Company File or Network By Using QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD)

In 2012, Intuit introduced QuickBooks File Doctor initial to resolve certain problems or errors.

Solving The Data Regarding Errors & Issues:-

QuickBooks File Doctor is completely built-in 2014, and the internal QuickBooks File Doctor is only required on quipped with resolving the data and programs. Furthermore, if you find some issues when you access your QuickBooks company file or network. So in this case, only QBFD assists you. And if you find some issues of company file or network related to high damage and facing some error series of 6000 (like 6000 -82, 6150, 6000 -305, 6000 -301, 6147, 6130). So you can use and built-in a QuickBooks File Doctor. The QuickBooks File Doctor has highly suggested the use of an external version.

Some Disadvantages Of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Though QuickBooks File Doctor tool is most useful for all QuickBooks users but with this, it has many disadvantages also.

  • You will require the administrator credentials to get access to it.
  • Your internet should run with fast, good and high speed without giving trouble regarding any connectivity problems.
  • In case you have more than one QuickBooks version loaded into your computer. So that case, this tool may cause malfunctioning in the system. And we would like to recommend a method of usage to make sure that only a unique and singular installation of QuickBooks exists on your system.
  • The space that your company file or network takes should not be more than 2GB of data.
  • In order to avoid QuickBooks File Doctor malfunctioning, make sure that your QuickBooks accounting software has been completely updated with the older versions available on your computer.

Some Required System Requirements

  • Network diagnosis and repair – just use the admin login in Windows
  • QuickBooks file repair – this is not important and necessary to install on your system (PC).
  • Multi-user repair and diagnosis – simply verify that QuickBooks Hosting is in always ON mode.

Some Issues Where You Need QuickBooks File Doctor

  • When you encounter such types of errors H101, H202, H303, or H505 while opening QuickBooks accounting software over a network.
  • You are incapable to open your company file or computer and some error message happens on your screen. Such as error-6000 -82, error-6000 -301, error-6000 -305, error-6123, error-6130, error-6147, error-6150 and so on.
  • Your QuickBooks company file is seriously corrupt but enables you to open the sample company files or network.
  • You are trying to access a QuickBooks company file or network which is stored in another system.
  • You are incapable to see, or the list for your vendors, employees, and customers is missing or blank.
  • Majority of the problems with connectivity that happens with the connection of your network.
    Your list of employees and customers has reached an error or bug.
  • The bad or poor configuration of the settings of your Firewall port.
  • Damage to the core data of your all files.
  • No easy access to the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Some software installation issues and errors.
  • Some issues when you try for QuickBooks update.

Is QuickBooks File Doctor Really Helpful?

So the answer to the above question would be an absolute YES. The QuickBooks File Doctor does not only resolve errors and issues in the QuickBooks accounting software. But also save all users valuable time that could have been used up with the best customer care executive. The below-mentioned some important points will definitely help you to understand better how QB File Doctor proves to be helpful:-

  • Once all this is done, you will be notified to just select a workstation or host/server. Kindly note that it is really most important that you pick or choose the correct and great option.
  • In case the user loses certain employee company files or network or company data files. The QuickBooks File Doctor tool can be easily and quickly utilize to recover those lost files.
  • The QB File Doctor is extremely highly effective for network-related issues and errors. This is particularly true in the case of multi-user system setups.
  • The errors that happen when the user wishes to access the QuickBooks company file or network. And that is saved on another system can also be solved via the best QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

In Conclusion

So just try your best to be patient, and as depending on the size of the company file or network, as well as the magnitude of your issues and errors, the QuickBooks File Doctor could take some time to fix any type of problem. If you are in trouble with your company file, data file, or network file or incapable to open your important company files. So in that case, the QB File doctor tool helps to find the reason for the issues and easily and quickly help you to fix damaged file and networks.

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