Fix QuickBooks Error 6150: Easy Troubleshooting Steps

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As every QuickBooks user knows that the QuickBooks error 6150 is one of the heavy and unexpected errors. Some of the QuickBooks users many times face this error and search the easy solutions to fix them. So if you also get this heavy QuickBooks error then don’t waste your valuable time and just come with us. Because here in this guide, we explained each and everything about this Quickbooks error. Just read this complete article and get simple and troubleshooting steps to easily fix this error.

QuickBooks error 6150 is one of the most popular and common issues in QuickBooks accounting software that can usually happen due to some factors. It is a part of the 6000 QuickBooks error series which is simply related to the QuickBooks company file problems. QuickBooks error code 6150 always comes when you just try to open or modify a QuickBooks company file. And it appears with the following error message.

We’re extremely sorry. QuickBooks couldn’t simply open your company files.

QuickBooks error code 6150 basically means that your QuickBooks company file has some sort of corruption and some other issues due to which you just can’t access it. And it can be most frustrating for you because it always restricts you from working any type of work on your QB company file.

Why QuickBooks Error Code 6150 Occurs?

So here are some main reasons for the occurrence of heavy QuickBooks error 6150 happens. The reasons are as follows:-

  • QuickBooks Windows or QuickBooks company file is just damaged. So that You have to create a portable backup file.
  • A corrupt QuickBooks installation.
  • When you are just trying to open a portable file (.qbm) without opening QuickBooks software.
  • A wrongly typed extension for the QuickBooks file.
  • Trying to just save the QuickBooks macintosh file while using QuickBooks accounting software for Windows.
  • When the company file is just affected by the heavy virus.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6150

  • Your system keeps crashing by showing 6150 while simply running the same program.
  • QuickBooks error 6150 just appears while the Window is simply active.
  • And your system keeps stopping every second time.
  • You have to keep checking when the QuickBooks error code 6150 message just appears, so it always helps in troubleshooting the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150

Easy steps to quickly resolve QuickBooks error 6150 are as given below, just have a look:-

Step One:- Restore from Backup

This is one of the easy and best step is to easily restore the company file from backup. Simply follow these steps which are just given below to fix the error:-

  • First, just navigate to QuickBooks software.
  • Then, simply click on the file.
  • After that, just choose the open or restore company option.
  • Now, simply select the restore a backup copy option and then just click on it.
  • In this step, just select the local backup option and then click on it.
  • Now, simply choose the location of the company file backup from the look-in drop-down list.
  • Then, just click on the backup option and it should be simply available with a (.qbb) extension.
  • After completing the previous step, simply press the open option and then just click on it.
  • And then just go to the save in drop-down Window and simply browse to the wanted location to simply restore the backup file.
  • Now, in the file-name field- enter or type a new company.
  • Then, simply check that the save as file should have been automatically saved to restore the file in just the (.qbw)  format.
  • After that, simply choose the YES option.
  • At last, just type the, YES to simply confirm the overwrite process.

Some Limitation of the Backup Restore

  1. In many cases, QuickBooks users simply fail to just create a backup file of their company file due to ignorance, or they think they are useless or unnecessary.
  2. The latest or current up-to-date backup is just not available.
  3. And the backup restoring has not simply provided enough or sufficient results.

Step Two:- Just Create a New QuickBooks Desktop File

  • In the very first step, simply open the QuickBooks desktop.
  • And then, just go to the no company open window option and then simply make a new company.
  • Now, simply navigate to QuickBooks setup Window and after that just enter the required and important information.
  • Then, just select the create a company option.
  • Finally, simply start with creating customers, the COA, and the services, etc.

Some Limitations of Creating the New QuickBooks Desktop File

  1. The first is, cannot simply access the old data.
  2. And, in the absence of the old data, most of the important information is simply incorrect.
  3. Last, you cannot simply share the desktop file over the network.

Step Three:- Just Get-back all Lost Data through the QuickBooks Auto-Recovery Method

  • Firstly, you have to re-make all lost transactions by simply using the latest or current transaction log file and then a copy of the QuickBooks company file.
  • After that, just recreate the complete data except for the last hours of the transactions, by simply making use of the QB company file and transaction log file.

Some Limitations of Recovery Through QuickBooks Auto Recovery

  1. QuickBooks auto-recovery is simply not available with QuickBooks ProQuickBooks Premier, and also with QuickBooks Enterprise.
  2. And it is not always available with the accountant also.
  3. There extends a file-size limit ( limited to 1.5 GB only).
  4. QuickBooks desktop always needs to be updated with the new and latest version.

The provided easy troubleshoot solutions will enable you to just resolve the QuickBooks error 6150 easily. However, if you are still suffering the same problem. So in that case, there here are some best and quick fixes that you can just try:-

  • Firstly, simply install all available Windows updates.
  • And then, just update your drivers.
  • Now, use the most important and powerful antivirus software to simply remove the virus and other threats from your computer.
  • After that, just rename your QuickBooks company file and always make sure that it has.QBW file extension.
  • And finally, simply reinstall the QuickBooks software in your system using a clean install.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you are now capable to easily fix or resolve the QuickBooks error 6150 on your own.

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