How To Switch Between Banking Modes In QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is a famous software for accounting work. It has many features like creating invoices, Bills, Payroll, Bank transactions ane many more. Bank Feed is one of the most important features you will get on Quickbooks Desktop. QuickBooks has two bank feed modes- Express and Classic mode. You can select a bank feed as per your need and how you need to handle the transaction. So here we are going to let you know that How To Switch between banking modes in QuickBooks Desktop.


  • You need to remember that the rules created in Express Mode are not available in the Classic Mode or Register Mode, and Express Mode is not available with the aliases created in Classic Mode.
  • And you can change between the modes whenever you need or as needed for troubleshooting.

Steps To Switch Between Bank Feeds Modes

  • You need to make sure that currently, you are using the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • You should ensure that your QuickBooks is in Single-user mode and this feature is not available for multi-user mode.
  • Now go to the Edit menu of QuickBooks and then select preferences.
  • From the side of the Preferences window choose Checking and then go to the Company Preferences.
  • Now from the Bank Feed window, select the mode as per your need:

Express Mode

  • The Express Mode uses the Transactions List window to add or match the bank transactions. You can rename the Rules and create more easily than with Classic Mode. And you can open the downloaded transactions after clicking on the Transaction List. However, if your transactions will be not ready to add or match, then you will get the Download Transactions.

Classic Mode

  • You will require an account to register to add or match the bank transactions. Aliases should keep the same name and you can also control it while aliases are created. You can view the transactions and add or match transactions by click on View.
  • Then Click on OK.

Winding Up!!

We hope that you read this article thoroughly and understand the process of how to switch between banking modes in QuickBooks Desktop. Now you can switch it with any professional’s help.

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