QuickBooks Desktop 2020: New & Improved Version Released By Intuit

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One thing that everyone knows the QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software for every small or mid-sized business. QuickBooks accounting software has many of the amazing and excellent QuickBooks versions. And QuickBooks desktop 2020 is one of them which is simply released by Intuit.

This wonderful QuickBooks 2020 desktop version contains many of the new and also improved features and benefits. And which are always helps the QuickBooks users to get paid and work very faster than ever before. With this, this desktop version giving a strong and most flexible solution for growing businesses.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2020

This amazing desktop version has many of the excellent features to just boost your business. Such as:-

  • Get paid faster
  • Work faster
  • New & Improved Fulfillment

Get Paid Faster

This means the best QuickBooks desktop 2020 version provides some of the amazing functions and features. And with the use of all the new and best features that are simply given by QuickBooks desktop version, get paid faster features for the small business.

And here we are listed some of the great features, just have a look:-

Automatic Payment Reminders

This is one of the best features to get paid faster. It can always reduce the time of all the QuickBooks users when they use their time to simply track our payments. And it automatically generates payment reminder emails.

With the use of this feature of QuickBooks desktop 2020, QuickBooks users do many things with a just few clicks. Such as they can simply choose the content that just goes within any email and also easily tailoring all the messages for particular vendors & customers. With all of this, they also have a great opportunity to just review everything before it’s sent.

QuickBooks users also choose one thing. And the thing is that when the reminder sent, which person reminder sent and many more things. They can easily select new & different days for different customers & vendors.

Note:- If you just want to set your reminders in advance, so, YES you can do that. Because QuickBooks desktop will also give a prompt when it’s time to send them.

Merge Multiple Emails

So, sending a single invoice email for each and every invoice can be one of the most wonderful things. But some of the time, customers or vendors accidentally view all the invoices when they are piece-mealed and which can always lead to late receivables.

Now, don’t worry about it, because the QuickBooks desktop 2020 version provides all the users and customers an amazing option. And the option is, to easily merge/combine all the invoices for a single customer or vendor in just one email. This Quickbooks 2020 desktop version always helps to streamline all the invoices email process in a very professional and the best way.

And with the use of this best feature of QuickBooks desktop, all the QuickBooks users have no longer to manually merge the invoices outside of QuickBooks software.

Add Customer PO to Invoice Emails

This wonderful feature simply modifies all the email templates for all the users and customer invoices to just add the customer’s purchase all the order numbers in just the subject line. With this, it also promotes very faster payment by the vendors or customers by analyzing all the purchase order (PO) number lookup process when they just receive emailed invoices from within the best QuickBooks accounting software.

And with the use of this great QuickBooks desktop 2020 version, no need to manually search and also include all the customer PO numbers to the subject line in every invoice email.

Work Faster

QuickBooks desktop 2020 always gives small and mid-sized businesses to get their work very faster. And also providing more time to the QuickBooks users to simply focus on other aspects or features of the business. It includes:-

Horizontally Collapse Columns

Some of the QuickBooks users can always avoid having to export long reports to excel for the purpose of customizing all the columns to be displayed. And this great feature can easily and quickly hide or unhide any of the columns of data in a displayed QuickBooks software report with many of the columns.

Easy QuickBooks Version Upgrades

With the use of this feature of QuickBooks desktop 2020, upgrading within QuickBooks software is very simple and instant, within just a few clicks.

Simple Company File Search

The use of this option is one of the most amazing things for every QuickBooks users and customers. With the help of this, you can easily find and simply open all the company files with the wonderful extension of a file search option.

And also, you can efficiently search for your company files over many of the connected storage devices. So, simply use the search bar to list key information for instant help in just recognizing the right or correct QuickBooks company file.

Smart Help

This excellent feature is being included in all wonderful and supported QuickBooks desktop versions such as 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Smart help is simply designed to give upgraded or improved search skills along with task-relevant content. With this, it also provides complete users access to live specialists through amazing options like messaging and call.

You can easily and always obtain smart help features from the QuickBooks menu bar. And also for contextually related support, you can easily access the great feature of QuickBooks 2020 desktop version smart help by simply using the F1 key from anywhere within QuickBooks accounting software.

Note:- Smart help feature also makes easy one more option for the QuickBooks users and that is to contact support.

Easy and Amazing Payroll Setup with Employee

This one of the best features of the QuickBooks desktop version adds an amazing and simplified guided setup experience. It has one main goal to protect and organize your employee’s personal data and information.

For example:- One thing that everyone knows that all the small or mid-sized business owners can always ask all the employees to nicely and securely fill in their own personal information. But in the future when QuickBooks software just releases, so, in that case, all the employees will also be capable of simply complete their personal information, tax, and also banking details. So just for this, everyone uses this great feature.

Payroll Status for Direct Deposit

Every business owners love this amazing feature, because of this, all the business owners who simply pay all the employees by just direct deposit can easily and instantly view the complete status of the payroll direct deposit processing. It is also one of the great and most useful features of QuickBooks desktop 2020 which is just released by Intuit.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Plans and Pricing

As referenced before, the QuickBooks Enterprise software is arranged into:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

Furthermore, the costs for each change and as one moves from silver to gold or platinum, a slight or noticeable increment could be seen.

Introduction of QuickBooks Enterprise Silver Edition

This Edition is the most reduced release of QuickBooks Enterprise, which accompanies essential highlights, however may have limited options. This form doesn’t accompany upgraded payroll, advanced inventory, and pricing features, which can be found in the other two versions. It incorporates the accompanying highlights:

  • Handle client service
  • Online storeroom
  • Special benefits under the need circle client reliability program
  • Automatic item up-degree
  • Advance reports

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition

Presently comes a marginally higher adaptation of QuickBooks enterprise is QuickBooks enterprise gold, which isn’t just higher regarding costs yet additionally as far as highlights.

  • Hand payroll measure or quite a few clients.
  • Creating unlimited cheques.
  • Direct installment to laborer with no additional charges
  • Calculating tax according to the tax collection rules
  • Generating W-2 structures all alone
  • Paying payroll taxes in time with no punishments

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition

The advanced version of QuickBooks enterprise is the platinum variant. It concocts all the highlights associated with the gold and silver packs and furthermore some extra highlights.

  • Advanced pricing highlight
  • Advanced stock element

New & Improved Fulfillment

Here we are discussing some of the new and improved fulfillment features. This feature includes:-

Landed Cost Calculation

So, the complete cost of which is just purchasing all the inventory stock adds more than just the real and material costs of the items. And with the new and most improved landed cost amazing feature, all the QuickBooks users will have greater clarity and also visibility into real or actual product costs by simply factoring in duties, insurance, freight, and also other different costs. Just calculated by value, weight, volume, or simply quantity.

Temporary Vendors

With the help of these wonderful features, pricing data, centralized information centers containing vendor contact, and also helping to make more knowledgeable purchase decisions. And also with the use of this feature, all the QuickBooks users easily and quickly generates all the PO with customers or vendor’s complete information automatically added.

Just Express Pick-Pack (Only for Enterprise Platinum Edition)

Because of this excellent QuickBooks desktop 2020 feature, all the QuickBooks enterprise users can easily save our efforts and time as they are presently capable of complete all the picking and packing amazing operations.

This wonderful feature always makes all the process very faster. And always allows the same person to just perform all the easy and most important picking and also packing tasks and supports.

In Summary

Thus, that’s all about QuickBooks desktop 2020 best version released by Intuit. These all the amazing and excellent features are best for every QuickBooks enterprise users. With the help of these features, all the small and mid-sized business owners have done many of the important tasks which are related to their complete business growth and high success. These features also boost their business in this competitive digital world. 

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