Use Of QuickBooks Desktop File Extensions and File Types

In this article we will learn about file extensions and types used by QuickBooks Desktop and how can you identify these files with their formats. QuickBooks Desktop file extensions will make your work easier. But still, you should know that each software program which is installed on your system, laptop, tab, the smartphone has a certain format or extension that such permits to manage all the file in a good way.

Importance of the QuickBooks Desktop File Extension

We are going to discuss the importance of the QuickBooks file Extension and how you can get an advantage of it. See below-mentioned points:

  • It gets simpler for you to figure out what type of content a specific record is containing.
  • You can sort a similar kind of the QuickBooks File Extension to keep their accounting information arranged and keep information from tangling.
  • You can Identify a file type just by seeing the file extension and save time.
  • If you will identify the correct file type then it will help your desktop to launch the file in the right application.
  • QuickBooks File Extension will help you to verify the authentication of the data files with security.

Commonly Used QuickBooks File Extensions:

The following are some commonly used file extensions that you should know while using QuickBooks- 

.QBW File

Type- QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks software program uses this file to store accounting data, letters, logos, layouts, and pictures for your organization. 

.QBB File

Type-QuickBooks Backup File Format

A QBB document is the backups of the QBW files and is utilized to store the backup of Financial Records, logos, formats, letters, and pictures. 

.QBM File

Type-QuickBooks Portable Document

You can get to know with .QBM file that the file with QuickBooks file extension is the compacted type of a .QBW files. these files are ideal for sharing with accountants easily as they are small in size. 

.QBO File

Type-QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File

.QBO file contains an electronic bank statement downloaded from the official site.

.QBX File

Type- Accountant’s Review Copy (Export File)

This file is the backup file made for the Accountant’s copy of your company file. When the accountant restored it, then it will make the accountant’s copy of the file.

.QBA File

Type- QuickBooks Accountant Copy Working File

You can use this file extension for the files that accountants use for the review.

.ND File

Type- Network Data File

This is a configuration file that permits you to access the QuickBooks company file. 

.TLG File

Type- Transaction Log File

This file will help you to keep track of changes made in the file since the last backup.

.Qbwin.log File

Type- QB Windows Log

This file is created when you will run Verify and Rebuild Data Utility.

QuickBooks File extensions for Windows

  • QBW expansion: This file is used by users on regular basis.
  • QBB expansion: This helps users to create a backup from QuickBooks.
  • QBM expansion: this file will help you to send and receive files.

QuickBooks File extensions for Accountant

  • QBX extension: This file will be created while you are sending the file to your accountant.
  • QBY extension: This file will be created when your accountant completes the changes before submitting it. 
  • QBA extension: This file will be created on your accountant’s Desktop where they can check the file and make changes that required.

QuickBooks File extension for Payroll Files

  • QPD: Its created by QuickPay version 3.0
  • 1PA: This file is the extension for the 940 and 941 tax form files
  • TXT & SET: These files are QuickBooks version 2.0 and 2.1
  • Taxtbl.usa: This is the extension file for Windows version 3.1
  • Qpconvrt.log: This file is a log file that will store all payroll warning messages.

Other QuickBooks Company File extension

  • Temp1234.qbt (temp rebuild file):  You can create this file when you remaking the company file.
  • Qbwin.log (QuickBooks log file): This file has a record for all the files which has been created or updated by you in the QuickBooks company file.
  • IIF (Intuit Interchange Format file): This file allows you to export or import all the transactions from the bank or other QuickBooks Desktop.
  • .ND (QuickBooks Network Data File): This is a configuration file that will help you to keep a record of the network computers so you will be able to access other files on the network.
  • TLG extension: This is a large file with all your transaction done in QuickBooks. It will help the application when trying to recover the transaction.
  • LMR and .LMX extension files: These files keep information about the loan and you can track it in the QuickBooks company file.

Ending Words!!

At the end of this article, we hope you understand the File types and extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop. We have mentioned all the important points that you should know about the QuickBooks file extension and tried our best to resolve your issue related to it.

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