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QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool is the best tool to easily fix any type of data file damages, network problems, and also some of the other issues that usually happen in QuickBooks accounting software. One thing that everyone knows that the QuickBooks diagnostic tool always works amazingly in a multi-user environment. And with the use of this great tool, you can quickly detect the errors that will simply occur in the QuickBooks company files shared over the server. With this, avoid all the security problems, one thing that the most important, always upgrade this tool to the best and newest version. This excellent tool is just available only for the QuickBooks software versions for the ‘Windows’ and is not simply available for any best MAC versions.

It could be a QuickBook’s best feature to always troubleshoot all the unexpected errors which you might receive while you just opening a QuickBooks company file in an atmosphere where many of the QuickBooks users simply make use of it simultaneously. And also, this amazing tool can always help settle a number of errors considering multi-users and network errors that may simply appear while you just run a QuickBooks company file.

So, in this guide, we’ll discuss how this tool works like the complete functionality of this tool, and with this, also learn about the types of issues that it can simply resolve. QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool also creates a balance between your QuickBooks database manager and the application. This great and advanced QB diagnostic tool always works only with systems that have Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista with QuickBooks accounting software 2008, and other most modern editions of QuickBooks software.

Some Major Issues can QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Resolve

As we all know that the QB connection diagnostic tool is particularly useful & effective in corporate environments where QuickBooks accounting software is being just used by many of the QuickBooks users. This best tool’s main function is to get rid of the various errors that might happen in your QuickBooks software, and the most frequent ones include. So just take a look:-

  • Obtain denial from the QuickBooks software database.
  • Very poorly configured Windows firewall.
  • Some of the unexpected QuickBooks errors:-

Errors: ‘-6000, 82’, ‘6000, -301’, ‘6147’, ‘6130’ and ‘-6150’.

  1. -6000, 82:- You do not have to simply access a QuickBooks company file.
  2. -6000, 301:- That file which you are just looking for, is no longer present at the requested location.
  3. 6147:- A common but unexpected error that always prevents you from restoring a backup.
  4. -6130:- Your firewall might be simply blocking your complete access.
  5. 6150:- You have just corrupted QuickBooks installation.
  • The customer or vendor list just turned blank in your QuickBooks software.
  • All client or customer lists are just empty.
  • Some of the entries in the ‘employee lists’ are simply missing.
  • Multi-user errors like error code
  1. H303
  2. H202
  3. H505
  4. H101
  • Corrupted or damaged files simply present in your system like in your computer or a laptop.
  • QuickBooks accounting software all the files just afflicted by a virus or are just missing.

Procedure to Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Here is an easy method to just complete the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool installation successfully. And once you simply complete this, then you can just start all the usage.

  • Always make sure that there no previous or earlier versions of the tool in your system. If any such earlier or latest versions are there, so, in that case, firstly simply ‘uninstall’ these before moving further. The appearance of an older/previous version can just hinder the smooth installation of the ‘new’.
  • After that, just go to the ‘OEM’ website and simply download the installation package.
  • Now, simply extract all the files from here.
  • Then, when you just install the application, some instructions are given, so simply follow all the instructions.
  • And, once the installation is just completed or finished then just ‘open the tool,’ and this should start automatically.
  • In this step, just go to the directory which has the QuickBooks company file you want to simply diagnose.

The important thing to know:- So, if you are just using the software ‘as simply a single user,’ in that case, do not use the ‘network connectivity option.’ But, in multi-user settings, your complete files are simply prone to corruption as they are sent and also shared over many of the servers and are prone to network problems.

  • So, after completing the previous step, just enter your admin password
  • Now, you have to simply choose between ‘Workstation PC’ or ‘host computer’ (select this just depending on whether you are working with a single user or multiple users.)
  • The best diagnostic tool will easily scan and also repair the QuickBooks company files or will recognize all the connectivity issues.

Some Steps to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

First of all, just do a double-click on the QuickBooks network diagnostic tool icon to simply access it. And after that just follow the given instructions considering troubleshooting.

Diagnose Connection Tab

This connection tab allows you to simply check your system a computer either a laptop set up to make sure the QuickBooks company file can be just made use of from a system, whether provided as single-user or multi-user. And, if any case, permissions are not simply put in correctly & properly, or if the ports or firewalls are just blocked, in that case, errors can be simply found.

Firewall Status

So, this firewall status area showcases the basic instructions which are simply regarding the firewall.

Test Connectivity

The test connectivity area allows you to try or examine and also scan your workstation’s connectivity.

Here are some of the steps to simply test your system’s connectivity. Just have a look at the following steps:-

  • In the very first step, simply click on the button which is just closer to the QB company file field to simply locate your company file.
  • Now, just use the Linux systems only when the network setup is in another mode, then you may simply choose the change hosting server checkbox option.
  • And, it is also most important to simply note that before you obtain the connectivity test, so, that time, all the statuses just happen as “not applicable” in blue.
  • So now, simply click on the test connectivity option.
  • In any case, the file open status happens in red, so the meaning is that the test has simply failed, and the most advanced section will expand to show all places that were just checked.
  • After that, you may just click on what do these mean? option.
  • Now, when you simply have fixed the related statutes, so then just run the connection tool again to simply check for any further problems or errors.
  • And, when the file open status, in that time, you will simply find that the successful message occurs to just appear on the server, and repeat above all easy and quick steps to each client system that has QuickBooks software installed.
  • Next, always remember to stay patient while the connection diagnostic tool is simply working. And it could take a while to just diagnose and simply repair your issues & errors. This totally depends on your network speed and also the size of your QuickBooks company file.
QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool might take some moments while it simply scans for any of the errors:-

The best QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool should not take too much time to just identify and get rid of the unexpected errors that you are simply encountering. But, at times, it could take a little bit longer to just repair as the error that you might be getting could be a bit tough to simply identify.

Note:- Always ensure that you simply close the application after you are done.

Bottom Line

So, that’s all for this guide. QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool is one of the great devices to correct many of the errors and issues that prevent the regular functioning of QuickBooks accounting software. And the steps which are simply given above should definitely assist you well in using the wonderful tool.

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