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QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software, we all know that. But like other software, it also has many QuickBooks errors. Some of the QuickBooks users may encounter different types of unexpected errors at different times. And one such and most common error is QuickBooks error 6073.

QuickBooks error code 6073 happens when the QuickBooks users simply try to open our QuickBooks company file. This error code usually comes with the message that QuickBooks accounting software is not just capable to simply open the QuickBooks company file. And the message also says that the company file may have been just opened by another QuickBooks user.

So, basically, when a QuickBooks user is incapable of simply open the company file even after trying 3 to 4 times, that time, QuickBooks error 6073 is the main reason for it. And there are many other reasons connected with this issue. Here in this guide, we will explain all the possible & major causes of this QuickBooks error and also give the best & easy techniques to just fix this error.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6073

Here are some of the following major factors which can simply lead to error code 6073. These are major reasons behind this QuickBooks error.

  • When the server and also the workstation version of QuickBooks software do not match, QuickBooks error 6073 occurs.
  • And when hosting is just switched on many of the systems at the same time.
  • Incomplete or just no permission to simply access the QuickBooks company file.
  • When the company file is simply damaged, this error code happens.
  • Some of the unexpected problems with the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • And all the network data file is either missing or just complete corrupted.
  • Some hidden labels provided to the transaction log files.
  • And when the firewall settings have just blocked access to QuickBooks accounting software.
  • When the accounting software is simply running a pre-scheduled file backup, the QuickBooks users face this QuickBooks error code.

Signs of QuickBooks Error Code 6073

  • The QuickBooks error crashes all the active programs on Windows.
  • Your system keeps crashing constantly.
  • And the QuickBooks error 6073 always keeps in displaying while the QuickBooks users simply try to open the company file.

Solutions to Fix Error Code 6073 in QuickBooks

This QuickBooks errors 6073 can be very time-consuming and also may damage all the data & information. Hence, you have to simply follow the easy steps to just fix this unexpected QuickBooks error 6073.

There are many situations when you might encounter or get the QuickBooks error, so, at all the time, you have to just follow these easy & different steps as per the condition to resolve this QuickBooks error code easily & instantly. Some of the solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1:- Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

All the QuickBooks users & customers can simply use the amazing QuickBooks file doctor tool to just resolve our QuickBooks problems as QuickBooks error 6073.

Solution 2:- Fix QuickBooks Error Manually

If someone just opens the QuickBooks company file on another system in single-user mode:-

  • First of all, you have to simply close the QuickBooks desktop in all the systems.
  • After that, just open the QuickBooks company file using the host computer.
  • And then, simply switch to multi-user mode from the file menu option.
  • At last, in case you get the same problem, so, at that time, just reboot all the workstations.

If the QuickBooks company file is simply open in single-user mode on the host computer:-

  • In the first step, just go to the File menu option and after that, simply choose the close company option.
  • And now, simply re-open the company file.
  • Then, from the file menu, just select the open or restore the company option.
  • In this step, you have to simply open a company file and then do a click on the Next button.
  • And finally, just choose your QuickBooks company file. Now, simply select the open file in multi-user mode and then just open.

If the company file is just placed in a read-only network folder, then:-

  • First, simply go to the computer hosting your file option.
  • Now, just open the folder where your QuickBooks company file is simply stored.
  • In this step, do a right-click on the folder and after that, simply choose the properties option.
  • Now, just go to the security tab and then simply select the user with login problems then do a click on the edit option.
  • And finally, simply choose the allow > apply > ok option.

If the system is being simply accessed remotely through GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, etc, then follow these easy steps:-

  • Firstly, make a right-click on the taskbar and then simply choose the task manager option.
  • Now, just select the processes option and after that, simply check if there are running processes under the user name you are having problems with.
  • And at last, just restart your system if you find processes under that QuickBooks user.

Solution 3:- The Network Data File is Damaged

  • First of all, right-click on the start button and then simply open Windows Explorer.
  • Now, just search for the folder with the company file.
  • In this step, do a right-click on the company file with network data and QuickBooks company file extension.
  • And then, simply change the file extension from .ndold and then just click on the enter button.
  • Now, just open the QuickBooks software then simply open the company file.
  • Finally, QuickBooks accounting software will create another network data file for the QuickBooks company file.

Solution 4:- The Transaction Log Files & Network Data Files are Usually Labeled as the Hidden Files

  • In the first step, just open my computer option and then, simply go to the tools menu after that, do a click on the folder options.
  • Now, go to the view tab and just click on the Show hidden folders & files option.
  • And then, simply open the data folder to just see transactions log files and network data files.
  • Then, do a right-click on the network data file and then simply select the properties option.
  • At last, just delete the hidden option and then simply click on the Ok button.

In Bottom Line

The above-given four easy & instant solutions should definitely fix QuickBooks error 6073.  We hope it will help you to solve your issue without any professional help.

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