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QuickBooks audit trail is the best and a great tool that always works as an amazing savior when it simply comes to keeping a track of all the lost transactions. As we all know that the QuickBooks accounting software is a really most useful and very convenient way of easily managing all the things such as invoices, editing the bills, viewing the bills, and also simply manage all the vendors & customers’ bank accounts. And you can easily and quickly do all these most important tasks by just using the audit trail on the QuickBooks desktop.

It has many interesting features. And its features are particularly designed for all the users and with the help of this, many of the users can easily access all the data files. With all of this, many times we encounter the unexpected issue of losing a transaction and we are incapable to simply locate it. And for such kinds of problems, the QB audit trail’s best feature is extremely effective and always helps to avoid such types of mistakes.

And here in this guide, we will discuss each and everything about this like how to access it, benefits, why we need it, and many more things. So, just come with us and read the complete guide and get information about this.

Access the QuickBooks Desktop Audit Trail Option

So, to do this, here are only three easy and quick steps to access the QB audit trail option. Just have a look and also follow this.

  • First of all, simply login to your QuickBooks accounts and then just go to the reports option.
  • After that, just click on the accountant and tax option.
  • And finally, simply choose the audit trail option.

Requirement of QuickBooks Audit Trail?

  • The first and main reason to use the QuickBooks desktop audit trail is that all the QuickBooks users easily get great authority over the entries and transactions which are simply done in the QuickBooks company file. And this best report always provides you an easy overview of all the old entries and transactions which you just may require if some error happens in a bank account.
  • And the second point why we need this because using this excellent tool will definitely help you to simply encourage all the employees to use QuickBooks software properly.
  • Because of using this great tool, all the QuickBooks users not too much face QuickBooks error.

Advantages of Using Audit Trail in QuickBooks Desktop

There are some important advantages of using audit trail in QuickBooks, so just have a look:-

  • Perfect Control:- One thing that we all know that the QB audit trail report always helps you to easily and quickly control all the entry and transaction that is just being recorded in your QuickBooks data file.
  • Proper & Best Training:- Audit trail QuickBooks also will definitely help you to properly and correctly train all the employees and the users. And if any of the employees just make an error in recording transactions, so, in that case, they can simply and always use the amazing feature of the audit trail to just rectify it.

How to Simply Enable QuickBooks Audit Trail Best Feature?

So, to simply turn on QuickBooks desktop audit trail best feature, just do the below easy and instant steps:-

  • In the very first step, simply choose the Edit menu option and then just select the preferences option command.
  • After that, you will have a dialog box saying preferences are simply displayed.
  • Then, simply change the accounting preferences option which just shows the changes that you want to just make.
  • Now, simply use the icon bar on the left corner, and after that just select the accounting set of preferences option.
  • And then, just click on the company preferences tab option.
  • In this step, simply call the QuickBooks software and then just make them informed that you just need to use the audit option.
  • After completing the previous step, simply check the audit trail checkbox, and now just click on the OK button for simply calling the QuickBooks accounting software for just using the QB audit trail.
  • And finally, the QuickBooks software will always keep a record of all the QuickBooks users that just make changes to the accounting file.

And these all the simple, instant and easy steps can defiantly help you to simply avoid many of the mistakes or errors.

Steps to Modify QuickBooks Audit Trail Reports

In the event that you wish to redo the QuickBooks Audit Trail report as indicated by your decision then you have to go to the highest point of the left corner and press on the report. You will see the change Report in the Audit Trail window now. This window opens up to 4 tabs to be specific Display, Filters, Header/Footer, and Fonts and numbers. These four tabs will offer you numerous features.


Under this tab, you can type and alter the content of the footer and header report. This is an unassuming strategy to change the segments.


Channels are the most typically utilized instrument to improve any sort of search. You can apply channels at whatever point you will look for a particular exchange. Numerous channels will be accessible for you, for example, client, name, work, sum, seller, and so on. You can utilize these channels to locate a particular exchange. From that point onward, you can eliminate these channels whenever it might suit you.


In this tab, you will get decisions of customization of the QuickBooks audit trail report. For instance, the Report Date Range is one of these decisions. Another decision will be the last altered channel that shows when the client has changed the report. You are additionally allowed to choose the sections that are shown in the report.

4.Font and Numbers:

Under this tab, you can change the presence of the report. On the off chance that you are not intrigued to change the report, at that point follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go the Edit and choose Preferences.
  • Now, pick Reports and Graphs > company preferences.
  • After that, you have to choose the Format.
  • Select the ‘default report settings’.

Conclusion !!

So, that’s all the complete information for this guide. As we now know that the QuickBooks Audit Trail is a great tool and also features. And it always helps and accompanies all the users through unexpected and amazing hard times. With this, you should also know that using the QuickBooks desktop audit trail may slow down QuickBooks software speed.

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