How to Create Invoices In QuickBooks? [Complete & Easy Guide For Beginners]

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So if you’re a small organization or business owner, then, in that case, you have to know how to create invoices. And the very good news is that it’s quite easy, particularly if you use the best and right tools to streamline the process.

When it comes to creating invoices, you have many options. If you’re very new to invoicing, so, in that case, there are plenty of great services that provide templates. And if you’ve been invoicing for a while and are just looking to enhance or upgrade your process. So there are also amazing invoicing software programs that can easily make invoicing your customers very simple and painless.

What Is An Invoice?

An invoice is a simple notice that you generally send to your clients or customers to inform them that payment is due for the services you have performed. An invoice should describe what wonderful services you performed, and how much the customer or client owes and where they should simply send your payment.

With this, an invoice is a great and also powerful communication tool that always make sure that the payment in a timely manner. And also makes a good impression on customers or clients, easily setting the stage for very long-term relationships.

Create An Invoice

As we all know very well that the create invoices are pretty simple for everyone. And here we have provided you a complete and easy guide about this. So simply follow these easy and instant steps to making your invoices.

Simply Creating A Header

Just Include Your Business Name:- This basic and necessary information about your organization or company should simply seem in professional lettering at the top of the page. And if you’re just using word processing software, so in that case, simply create a new document and choose the “header” from the drop-down menu to simply create a header; otherwise, just type your organization’s name and center it at the top of the page.

  • In case, if you don’t have your business name, then simply type your first and last name. And you may also add your middle initial if desired.
  • And use Times New Roman, Arial, or another great and professional font for the heading. With this, the font size should be larger than the size you’ll simply use for the body of the invoice.

Provide Your Complete Contact Information:- In this step, simply type the complete address where you want to just receive your payment. Type your business email address, and also your business phone number simply under your organization or business name. And make sure that your contact information should be centered and written in a smaller font than your business or organization name.

  • In any case, if you simply use your personal email address and phone number as your business email address and phone number, include those.
  • And with this, simply make your complete contact information seem more interesting and also more readable, just consider typing it on several lines.

Consider Adding Your Business Logo:- If you have a logo, then simply include it in the header to the right or left of your business or organization name. And if your business name is simply part of your business logo, so in that case, you can simply use the logo in place of your name.

  • It is not soo much important to simply include a company logo, though it can just help give your invoice a great and professional air.

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Including Complete Recipient And Invoice Information

Firstly, just write the recipient’s contact with complete information. The name, phone number and address of the business you are invoicing should simply seem on the left side of the invoice, and just below the header.

  • So if you are just an invoicing a person, rather than an organization or business, simply include that person’s name and the phone number and also address you have on file for that person.
  • And in any case, if you don’t have the phone number and address for the business or person you are invoicing, then simply include an email address alternatively.

Write The Invoice Number And Also Other Invoice Full Information:- On the right side of the page, and over from the recipient’s contact complete information, just including the full details of your invoice. And also write the following information on separate lines on the just-right side of the page.

  • The invoice number, simply type invoice, just followed by the number:- Since you are the one sending the invoice, so you may just select the numbering system that works great and best for you. And you can simply number your invoices numerically (1, 2, 3, 4) or just by date (for example, 2015-12-19, simply for the year, month and day of the invoice). In case, if you simply choose the latter, so you can just include “-01” to the end to differentiate between invoices sent on the same day. And in any case, always make sure you number your invoices in just sequential order so you never confuse yourself.
  • The invoice date:- Even if you simply select to number your invoice by date, then you should simply and clearly write the date on a separate line.
  • The invoice due date:- And if you have an agreement with the organization or business then you are invoicing about when you can expect to get paid, and simply write that date as the due date. But if you don’t have an agreement, then simply figure out the standard pay-by period in your industry, in most cases, it’s just 30 to 45 days.

Define Your Payment Terms:- Simply under the invoice complete information, note whether you will take checks, credit cards, PayPal, cash or some other form of payment.

  • So if you just charge a late fee, then quickly describe this as well, and if you haven’t simply outlined it somewhere else already, like in just a contract.
  • Simply include your tax identification number, if applicable. And laws vary by municipality, so always make sure that you know your local tax code if you are to get a sales tax or some another usage tax, simply as the hotel tax.

Simply Itemizing The Services Rendered

Just make a chart to itemize the best services. And if you’re using great word processing software, then simply create a table in which you will list the best and various services you performed for your customer or client or the items that were purchased from you for which you are requesting payment. And one more thing, your chart should include the following amazing components.

5 Columns With The Following Amazing Headings:-

  • Services:- This is where you simply list the easy task you perform, like copyediting, or the item that was purchased from you, like handmade jewelry.
  • Date:- Just write the date the service was simply performed or the item was purchased.
  • Quantity:- Simply write how many pages you copyedited, and also write how many pieces of jewelry were bought, etc.
  • Rate:- In this, just write the rate you are charging for the best services or the best items. And in case, if you charge by the hour, so in that case, simply write the rate at $00.00/hr.
  • Hours:- And if you charge by the hour, then just write how many hours simply were spent performing the service.
  • Subtotal:- At last, simply write the total amount you are charging for the best service performed.

Note:- One row for each and every separate service performed for the customer or client, simply followed by a final row reserved for the complete amount you are charging the customers for all best services.

Just Calculate The Total:- Subtotal the amount due and also include any delivery fees, sales tax, or another fee and to simply calculate the grand total. Use highlighting or bolding to simply make the total stand out from the rest of the numbers.

Provide Some Additional Information:- So if you are simply invoicing a customer who has bought the best items for you, so in that case, simply describe your return policy. And you may also want to thank the customer or client for their business and just offer other services or products at the bottom of the invoice. And this is the last thing customers or clients see, so in the interest of real and good relations, just try to be kind and friendly.

So that’s all about that create invoices. This above complete process is most very easy and instant for everyone who simply wants to create invoices.


So simply following these steps, your invoice is just created. And one important thing always remember, follow the steps in a given order only. As skipping any steps can cause complex errors.

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