QuickBooks Won’t Open or Not Responding: Best & Easy Solutions

quickbooks wont open

QuickBooks faces many types of errors, but one of the main and heavy errors happen when QuickBooks won’t open or QuickBooks not responding. This unexpected error may occur because of some functional and technical errors.

At times, QuickBooks users will face QuickBooks won’t open error or problem while doing a particular work.

There are many other reasons why such QuickBooks won’t open errors or issues may happen. And one such reason is also due to hard drive damage or corruption to program files or loss/damage of the Windows operating system.

What Is The “QuickBooks Won’t Open” Error?

So when you simply attempt to open QuickBooks desktop application, you see an error (QuickBooks has just stopped working), or no issue or error at all (nothing appears or freezes). And your QuickBooks accounting software could also be very slow to respond, or simply not responding when opening a quickBooks company file.

So this could be one out of many company file issues or errors. Or you might simply see the QuickBooks error 1603, QB error code 1935 or QuickBooks error 3371. There are numerous possible causes for this type of error or issue.

Some Reasons Behind “QuickBooks Won’t Open” Error

  • First is, your company name is too long.
  • Missing or just damaged QBWUSER.INI file.
  • And that one is, your hard drive is just corrupted.
  • QuickBooks desktop installation is not functioning completely and effectively.
  • And the last one is, your Windows operating system is just damaged.

Symptoms Of “QuickBooks Will Not Open” Error

  • QuickBooks desktop application is simply stopped while running the same applications.
  • If you are using an old version of QuickBooks accounting software, this QuickBooks won’t open error happens.
  • And your system just stops regularly.
  • When your QuickBooks accounting software is not just installed properly.
  • Your system responds sluggishly to keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • And QuickBooks company file simply fails to open.

Solutions To Easily Fix “QuickBooks won’t open” Error or Issue

Solution One:- Simply Restart Your System

  • In the first step, it is extremely important to simply restart/reboot your system before you just begin the process.
  • And after that, simply follow the opening QuickBooks file again and then check whether “QuickBooks will not open” issue or error is gone or still there.

Solution Two:- Download And Just Run The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

As we all know that the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is the most important tool. And which is simply downloads and fixes issues easily with the only help of Microsoft components used in QuickBooks accounting software, like Microsoft MSXML, Microsoft Visual C++ and also Microsoft .NET Framework.

Solution Three:- Just Rename/Delete The QBWUSER.INI file

When you simply rename/delete the QBWUSER.INI file, in that case, it just helps in erasing each and every information/data that is simply saved in that list of previously opened files. So to do this simply follow these steps which are mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, just press Windows + E key together on your system keyboard.
  • And after that, under the “Organize” tab on the just top left press, Folder, and then simply search options.
  • In this step, just click on the ‘View’ tab.
  • Now, under the Advanced Settings >> Hidden files and folders, simply choose the Show hidden files and folders, and then simply click on the Ok button.
  • And then just visit My Computer >> C: drive >> Documents >> [Your user name] >> Local Settings >> Application Data >> Intuit >> QuickBooks [year]
  • Finally, simply right-click on the QBWUSER.INI file and then just click delete/rename.

Note:- QuickBooks accounting software automatically creates a new QBWUSER.INI file.

Solution Four:- Simply Uninstall And Re-install QuickBooks Using a Clean Install

So when you simply choose to uninstall and then install the QuickBooks desktop application. In such type of case, your QuickBooks software just gets the opportunity of renewing itself completely and simply coming back with the advanced and latest version at the same time. This, therefore, simply plays an important and significant role in simply solving your QuickBooks won’t open errors or issues in a much faster and easier manner.

Solution Five:- Just Open The QuickBooks Company File From another Folder Location

At times, where you always keep your all company files just stored in, it becomes damaged and corrupted. And this is a system error or issue.

  • In the first step, simply press the Windows + E keys on your system keyboard.
  • And then just look for the data file, that will simply have a .qbw file extension (e.g. mycompanyfile.qbw). And when you look for a file that is simply located on a network server, so in that case, just browse to the network drive on which the data file is just located (for example X:\QBdata).
  • After that, you have simply found your company file. And then just right-click on it and press Copy.
  • Now simply locate your C: Drive and then make a new folder there.
  • In this step, name that as folder QBTEST.
  • And after that, simply open the new QBTEST folder and then just Paste the company file there.
  • Now, just open QuickBooks software and hold the CTRL key together.
  • Then simply click open or restore an existing company and then just check the C: a \QBTEST folder that you created.
  • And at the last simply open the company file that you have just copied in the QBTEST folder.

In Conclusion

The above most simple solutions will definitely help you to fix QuickBooks won’t open an issue on your own.

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