QuickBooks Student Discount: Complete Guide For Beginners

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The best and most wonderful QuickBooks student discount education program simply and always runs by the Intuit to empower all the educators and students. With this, through the great Intuit education program, they always offer an amazing discount for teachers and students to easily download the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online for free. And, one thing we all know that QuickBooks is accounting software and it helps small, medium and big-sized businesses to simply & quickly manage their complete accounting in the minimum of time with 100% accuracy. Also, the QuickBooks accounting software always helps to generate pay bills, create invoices, easily manage payroll and much more important things.

According to the great Intuit’s education program if you are a teacher or a student and simply want to download the QuickBooks software, so, at that point, Intuit gives a free & best student version of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online for you. With this, Intuit also gives a 30 day free trial of QuickBooks accounting software if you are not eligible as a teacher or a student.

And, here in this ultimate guide, you all learn and know more about the QuickBooks student discount program. So, simply read this complete guide, this is the best platform for all the beginners who always want to know about the QB student discount.

Quickbooks Discounts for Teachers, Military & Students

Teacher Discount:- Free or Discounted – Really like students if you’re a teacher at qualifying and the best institution then you can simply qualify for free versions or also discounted monthly pricing. And, you can also easily search for your university or school on their official website. This is a great part of the amazing Intuit education program.

Military Discount:- No Discount Found – Sadly we couldn’t find a particular discount for veterans or military. But, you can still take better and complete advantage of the featured & wonderful deal which is many times a more immeasurable discount than other deal programs provide.

Student Discount:- Free or Discounted – As part of the best Intuit education program you can be always eligible for discounted or free services from Quickbooks accounting software if you belong to one of the highly certified and the great educational institutions.

QuickBooks Desktop Discount for Schools, Teachers, and Students

For all schools, teachers, and students, if you are just eligible for a discount, then the Intuit give the best QuickBooks Desktop edition or version for you at no cost. So, to get the complete discount, all the students have to just register for a 5 month trial of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop for free through the wonderful education program. And, if you are an eligible student, at that point, you can simply download a free 5-month trial version or edition of QuickBooks Desktop from the Intuit’s best official website.

With all of this, Intuit also offers a free and the best non-expiring license of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop for schools and all the teachers. And, because of this, they can easily & instantly make a more reliable environment for all the students. But the best and non-expiring licenses are only for classroom’s desktop systems and for school computer labs. You can’t be just installed or download it to a personal device or system.

QuickBooks Online Discount for Teachers and Students

For all the teachers and students of the USA, if you are a student and always eligible for free download, so, at that moment, you will allow 1-year complete access to QuickBooks Online plus for free. With this, if you are an eligible educator or teacher and just want to download the QuickBooks accounting software, then you may simply download a free and also non-expiring license of the amazing QuickBooks Online accountants.

And, there are both very easy ways to just get this wonderful accounting software. The first way is that you can either buy it from an amazing offline platform or simply download it form a great online platform. But some experts always suggested you just download this excellent software from an online & official portal/website. And, doing this you can always save your most valuable time. With this, one thing that we all should know online portals is very active, efficient as compared to an offline store.

How to Know if we are Eligible or not for a QuickBooks Student Discount?

So, for this, it’s most important to know first do you qualified for QuickBooks student discount or not?. Well, if you are qualified for a student discount and also if you are a part of these given high academic institutions, then you are definitely eligible for a QB student discount.

  • The best and most recognized primary or secondary school.
  • Private or public college or university.
  • The great board of education or the best school district.
  • The great recognized private or public school giving full-time instruction for all the students in wonderful grades K-12.
  • Private or public university or college and also including junior college, vocational school, or community college.


That’s all about QuickBooks student discount. All the beginners who just always want to know about the QB student discount, this guide is best for them. Because in this blog, we will discuss and explain all the important things about student discounts in QuickBooks accounting software.

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