How to Install, Setup & Configure the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver?

quickbooks enterprise odbc driver

As we know that QuickBooks accounting software always offers many of the reporting best tools that provide you many features for your growing business. But with this, you still may need some more features to simply export all the data into the Microsoft Office application. And the QuickBooks support ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) interface, it always enables you to just export all the data from the company files to many different programs such as Microsoft Access, Crystal Report, Alpha, File maker, .net, or Microsoft Excel. And, at that time, you can easily create a custom report of the QuickBooks enterprise ODBC driver.

All QuickBooks users can easily do many of the important things by using open database connectivity (ODBC). Just for example, because of using this, you are capable to simply create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, also you can easily make tables in Microsoft Access. With this, you can quickly create complete reports reflecting your real-time QuickBooks data in Crystal Reports.

With the amazing QuickBooks ODBC, you all can easily design your own reports. And you can even simply combine all the important data from different QuickBooks company file to just create complete reports. Apart from all the designing reports, ODBC QuickBooks allows all the QuickBooks user to merge emails, personalize invoices, etc. Furthermore, as a user of QuickBooks accounting software, you can easily & quickly make all the use of structured query language (SQL) for writing your own queries.

You can simply install QuickBooks ODBC drivers for the QuickBooks enterprise solutions, QuickBooks Pro, and also for the QuickBooks Premier.

How to Install the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver?

You have to simply follow these easy & quick steps to just install the QuickBooks ODBC driver in QuickBooks enterprise solutions. The steps are as follows:-

  • First of all, just navigate to the file menu in QuickBooks enterprise solutions.
  • And then, simply go to the utilities option.
  • Now, under the utilities, just look for the setup ODBC.
  • After that, you have to simply download and then just install the QODBC driver.
  • In this step, just go to the QODBC driver download page at the QuickBooks open database connectivity website of the FLEX quarters.
  • Now, when simply prompted, just save all the self-extracting executable file with the name: QODBC.exe in a normal & temporary directory or in just my documents folder, so as to easily extract all the installation files.
  • And then, before just running the QuickBooks ODBC driver installer, simply unload the Microsoft Office toolbar from any other Windows applications and memory. This is because this best toolbar can easily & quickly impair all the driver’s installation.

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  • In this step, from within Windows, simply do a click on the install program option.
  • And now, you have to just choose the destination directory where you simply want to install the QODBC all the support files.
  • After that, simply make a click on the OK button to just continue.
  • And finally, this will install the driver.

How to Setup QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver?

Here are some simple steps to easily set up the QuickBooks enterprise ODBC driver. Simply follow these steps:-

  • In the very first step, just open the QuickBooks accounting software and then simply go to the utilities option under the menu bar.
  • And then, simply choose the configuration ODBC from the drop-down list.
  • In this step, just turn on the test connection to the QuickBooks software.
  • Now, just navigate to the message option and then simply select the detail tracing option.
  • After that, simply turn on the display optimizer status panel.
  • And now, just go to the optimizer tab and simply check whether the path contains open database connectivity (ODBC).
  • Then, simply select the option the last time I pressed one of all the load data buttons.
  • And at last, just do click on the apply option and then QuickBooks software will simply configure the driver.

Steps to Configure the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver

Configure the QuickBooks ODBC driver is just not an easy task. And here we explained steps to do this. So, simply follow this instruction step-by-step and easily configure the QB enterprise ODBC driver.

  • First of all, just make a click on the ODBC setup screen icon.
  • Now, in this step, QuickBooks ODBC / QODBC driver setup screen will simply appear on your system screen.
  • And then, just do a click on the general tab.
  • Now, under the general tab, you will simply find the open database connectivity data source setup. Then, you can just choose the QuickBooks company file which you just want to read from. Now, you have also to just supply all the system data source names which you will simply use to externally connect to the QuickBooks accounting software. After that, you have to just select a mode to tell QODBC how it should simply open all the QB company file. Now, make a click on the test connection to QuickBooks software button to just check if installation and settings are correct & proper with QuickBooks software and a QuickBooks company file just opened.
  • In this step, simply click on the messages tab.
  • And, under this messages tab, you can just clear or review all the QODBC messages. With this, you can also review SDK messages. Now, simply use a detail tracing option if you just want to create a trace log. And always make sure that the detail tracing option is simply off when not required as trace log can easily use the large amounts of disk space. Also, under the messages tab, you will easily & quickly find all the status panels to just notify you when the driver is simply obtaining all the QuickBooks data & information.
  • In this step, make a click on the optimizer tab. And, optimizer works by simply storing some important data to a local cache so that retrieval performance for queries or doubts is improved. With all of this, the tab enables you to simply choose the location where the optimizations are just stored. And, it also provides you options to always keep all the optimized data up to date. After that, you will simply see the three options for stock quantities and balances, and the option is:- dirty reads, nulls and real-time.
  • Then, just click on the advanced tab option in the QuickBooks ODBC setup screen. These most advanced features are simply used to squeeze a configuration. And, the defaults should be okay for most of the QuickBooks users.
  • After completing the previous step, just go to the activate/deactivate tab option. Now, under this tab, you can simply make a click on the activate button to just open all the activate Window. Or simply deactivate the button to just open the deactivate button.
  • In this step, activation simply requires you to just enter a CD key. And then, just click on the purchase button in the Window, if you do not simply have a CD key. Now, do a click on the activate button in the Window to just use the internet to automatically activate this system. After that, just press the manual button option, if you do not simply have internet access.
  • This step says, that the deactivation also requires a CD key. So then, simply click on the deactivate button in the deactivate Window to simply use the internet to automatically deactivate the system. And then, make a click on the manual button if you do not simply have internet access. Now, you have to just note that deactivation simply takes 24 to 48 hours to be just credited to your CD key.
  • Then, just click on the last tab on the QuickBooks ODBC / QODBC driver setup screen. And the tab is about tab. And here, you can simply see which QODBC version is currently just installed and whether you have installed an evaluation copy or a copy that is completely registered. All the serial number’s first letter simply tells what type of license is just installed, the QuickBooks open database connectivity version can be simply known by the third digit and also the fourth tells with which QuickBooks version the license is simply compatible with.

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  • At last, the serial number which is simply given under the about tab is the most important as it may be required for seeking rebate offers, upgrading, availing technical installation complete support or for just the help desk system. For checking whether you are simply using the new and latest QuickBooks ODBC / QODBC driver, then simply click o the check website for all the updates option in the about tab.

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