Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 102 with an Easy Solutions

quickbooks banking error 102

Even after being a top and most amazing accounting website with many of the excellent experts, at times QuickBooks accounting software encounters issues or errors that always affect all the business operations of an organization. And, one such common and most famous error that the QuickBooks users face is QuickBooks banking error 102. This QuickBooks error happens mainly when there are some of the technical errors or issues on the website or if it is simply under maintenance. With this, server problems that are just related to data transfer between the bank’s website and QuickBooks software can be another major reason for this error code 102.

QuickBooks error code 102 which is simply consider as an online banking error. And this error can just restrict you from using any of the banking services directly from your QuickBooks desktop. There can be many of the causes behind this banking error and most of the time this QuickBooks banking error happens because of some heavy server issues or errors on the bank’s website.

Well, if you are also encountering some QuickBooks Online login issues while using the bank feeds in QuickBooks software and simply getting the banking error code 102? Then, this guide can be very helpful for you. Here we will be discussing this QuickBooks error in detail and providing you an easy and quick solution to just fix this error.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 102

Always ensure that any type of maintenance process is not simply processing on your bank account or credit card. If not, so, in that case, just manually update your bank account in the bank feeds.

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And, simply put your mouse cursor on the update icon to just get the more important information option and then do a click on it. By the way, our QuickBooks error team just advises you to simply run three easy manual updates during the non-peak hours.

Solution 1:- Updates Account in QuickBooks Online

If there are no maintenance signs or issues on your credit card or bank website, then you can simply try to update your account in QuickBooks online manually. And to do this, just follow these steps:-

  • First of all, just click on the update button in the upper right corner.
  • And then, simply look for the automatic and manual updates option.
  • Now, just run three easy manual updates during non-peak hours.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates to your online banking account normally start at 3 AM, because this is their fix time.

But, in any case, QuickBook’s online server has not been simply capable to just access all the updated information for a particular account. Then, it will just attempt again and simply try five more times to just get it in the next five hours. And, the information which is received that only depends on the shares of your financial or bank system with QuickBooks online.

All QuickBooks users can easily send new information on growth every other day, like weekly or any other time. And, you cannot simply switch on the auto-update ON and OFF. With this, also, you don’t have any control over this particular item that is downloaded and simply available to be included in just your bank register.

How to simply know the time of updates?

  • First, just got to the banking menu option.
  • Then, simply choose the update option in the right corner.
  • And now, just click on the update button.

Manual Updates

Some of the accounts need manual updates, but, if this is the case, you will be simply notified in a joint interview. With this, most of the accounts should work with automatic updates. And, if you don’t see today’s information, after a just automatic update, then you may have to simply update it manually.

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In many of the accounts, manual updates are always needed. If this is the situation, you will be just notified of this in the joint/connection interview.  Normally, most of the accounts simply start working with automatic updates. But, in case you are just not capable to see today’s all the information after there was an automatic update, then you will need a manual update. So, for this just try the following steps:-

  • Firstly, simply select the banking option from the left menu.
  • Now, if an update for only some of the accounts is needed, then simply choose the clear unwanted option.
  • Then, just click on the update now option.
  • Now, if there simply comes a prompt- just enter your multi-factor authentication (MFA) and simply click on the continue button to update.

One thing always remembers that the manual update will be enough for 90 days and any new listing within that period will simply download. With all these updates, even if you just leave the days between updates, then also you will get all the updated information in your bank account.

Solution 2:- Exact Account Details

In this second solution, you can simply try to login to your bank’s account URL which is just given by the bank. And, if you are incapable of simply connect to your bank, then just follow the below easy steps.

And, just check out the below all the details while simply including your bank accounts to just download and fix transactions in QuickBooks online. QuickBooks banking error 102 might occur because you were not just capable of simply connect to your bank.

  • In the first step, just navigate to the menu at the left corner and after that simply select the banking option.
  • In this step, if in case you are simply linking to a bank for the first time. So, then just go to the search option and look for your bank’s name.
  • Now, if you are simply linked to a bank- then do a click on the add account. Then, just look for the name of your bank.
  • After that, simply choose your bank from the list.
  • Now, for the bank website simply enter your login ID/user ID and password.
  • And then, just select the continue option.
  • Finally, if needed, simply perform the included security verification steps and then just choose the connect option.

Now, simply choose the bank symbol of the bank to the left of your account. And then, just connect it from the drop-down menu list. Now, you have to select your credit card or bank type account. And, if you don’t have an existing account, then you will simply see an option and the option is add+new to just create a new account.

And, once you have simply joined your account, then QuickBooks accounting software will just download all the online transactions for the past 90 days and also your cc and banking transactions.

  • First of all, just do a click on the connect option.
  • Now, once the download is simply completed, then you will be automatically transferred to the banking page.

The review tab will have the complete transactions that were simply downloaded from your financial or bank institution. And, now you can just review, classify and accept all the transactions in QuickBooks software.

However, if the bank is not simply listed or you have just failed to connect, then you will have to simply contact the bank or download the complete transaction from the site of your bank. And after that, upload it to QuickBooks Online.

Solution 3:- Check all the Account Information or Notifications

In this solution, once you just have logged or entered in successfully, then you can simply check the notifications, messages or warnings that might have just received from your bank. With this solution, you will simply get to know what is the issue or error causing QuickBooks banking error 102. Additionally, you can easily and quickly check your account history, summary, and al the transactions.

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Solution 4:- Bank Action

If QuickBooks banking error 102 is still not fix at this stage, then you have to simply wait for a while for the bank to just work on it. It can be the situation that it is a technical error or issue from their end. And, they are simply trying to easily resolve the error with your server. Just wait for at least 24 hours before attempting any further solutions.

Solution 5:- Make sure that your Account is “Not New” to the Bank

QuickBooks banking error 102 also comes up if your account is simply new to the credit card or bank. And, in some of the cases, new accounts do not just work with online banking. Simply, analyze if this is the problem and accordingly simply contact the credit card company or bank for the concern.

In Bottom Line

Given some of the easy solutions should enable you to simply fix the QuickBooks banking error 102 easily and quickly. But, still there can be some cases when this QuickBooks banking error couldn’t get fixed because the real issue is just happening from the bank’s side and you can not do anything at that moment in time.

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