How To Send A Request To Be The Master Admin Or Primary Contact

QuickBooks is the most useful software for accounting work that will help you to do your work easily. If you want to make a company file for your customer then you can send a request to be the master admin or primary contact. However, you can shift back the administrator role back to the customer. It will not hamper your status as an accountant.

In this process of transferring the administrator role to you need to first invite the client to be a company administrator. Then once the client will accept the company administrator invitation then you will be able to transfer the master administrator role to the client using the invitation process.

We will discuss here how you can send a Request to be the master admin or primary contact, so read all the steps carefully:

Step 1: Keep your all documents ready

You need documents for the verification process as it will show that you are the right person for the ownership or get access to the account. This process is just for security purposes.

Now you need to check which documents you required for this process. If you have a physical copy of all your documents then you need to take a high-quality image or scan it to upload them.

Documents for the business owner

Here you need to answer if you are the business owner, so it will ask you for the documents accordingly that can state-issued Photo ID, Passport, and driving license.

Documents required if you are not the business owner.

Here you need to reply if you are not the business owner. Document list mentioned below for your reference:

  • You should have your state-issued Photo ID, Passport, and driving license to submit.
  • You should have the above documents of the business owner also.
  • You need to submit a permission letter from the business owner for verification purposes.

Select your business types:

  • Sole proprietor
  • Incorporation
  • Limited Liability Company LLC
  • Limited Partnership
  • Nonprofit Corporation
  • Self-Employed
  • Any other type of business that doesn’t match the category above mentioned.

Some Important points that you need to remember:

  • You should make sure that all your submitted documents are correct and clearly mentioned to the business owner.
  • In case the master admin is no more then you will be asked for the power of attorney document or other documents that will show the transfer of the property.

In case if you don’t have the documents that required:

If you don’t have all the required documents or you are not able to submit all the documents then we will not be able to proceed further with your request. However, you can submit the court order copy for further process. You can try to request again if possible, to be the master admin or primary contact.

Step 2: You need to submit your request to Intuit

  • For this process, you need to sign in to Quickbooks online as an admin first, in case you don’t have an account then create one first and then go back to the home page and refresh it.
  • Then get the form available at the bottom of this page and now you have to fill out all your information and upload the documents that you have collected.
  • Once you are done with the submission then you will get an email for a confirmation.

Step 3: You need to wait for the Intuit response :

Once you submit all your documents successfully then you need to wait for the response of the Intuit team. They will get back to you within three working days so you need to keep an eye on the mail from

If Intuit approves your request

If Intuit will approve your request to be the master admin or primary contact then you will get notified. 

If Intuit rejects your request

If Intuit will reject your request then you will get an email from the Intuit team to let you know that what mistake you have done at the time of request submission. An example if you missed any specific documents or given some wrong information then Intuit will reject your request. So you have to send a new request to be the master admin or primary contact and resubmit all the required documents.

Remember the below points once you are ready for the request :

Here we are going to discuss the point that you should remember when you are filling the request form. It will help you to get approval quickly without any problem, So read it carefully:

  • Make sure all your identity documents are valid and issued by the government.
  • You should have all the documents that we have mentioned in the 1st step.
  • All the business documents clearly show the business owner’s name.
  • Make sure that all the documents that you have submitted are clear and valid.
  • Make sure that your Social Security Number is not visible in any of the documents that you have submitted.

Ending Words!!

In the end, we hope that you understand all the processes to send a Request to be the master admin or primary contact in QuickBooks Desktop that we have mention above and you will get the benefit from it. 

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