Quicken Error CC 502 : Symptoms, Causes, & Solution to Fix the Error

Quicken Error CC-502 is a very popular financial software that occurs when you are trying to update your bank accounts online using the one-step update. This reason is only creating temporary server maintenance.

We suggest you contact your bank just to make sure that everything is fine from their side. If this error is causing by your financial institution please wait for 24-48 hours.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the causes and symptoms of quicken error CC 502. Further, we will also discuss the different solutions to fix the error.

Note:- You may have faced the following errors when downloading transactions to Quicken.

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Other Quicken Errors are:-

Quicken is software introduced to manage all your finances and grow your business side by side. This software has varied features of unexpected bugs and errors may arise anytime. And such types of errors affect your daily work and productivity. There are many types of error occur when you try to access online services provided by Quicken.

  • Quicken Error CC 585
  • Quicken Error CC 569
  • Quicken Error CC 506
  • Quicken Error CC 509
  • Quicken Error CC 501

1. Quicken Error CC 585

The error of this software occurs when Quicken crashes during the time of running software. But it does not mean that the code was corrupted or damaged. It simply specified that this software does not work during the run time.

2. Quicken Error CC 569

This type of error occurs when Quicken unable to match your financial information in your Quicken account register. This is possible because of sudden changes in the account number or the bank needs you to pass all the basic information.

3. Quicken Error CC 506

This type of error occurs when trying to access the Quicken account but unable to open it due to some changes in financial institutions. This happens when the financial institution account is closed or the change of account number on the financial institution.

4. Quicken Error CC 509

This type of error occurs when your bank requires you to change the password after some period of time because of the unsuspected activity in an account.

5. Quicken Error CC 501

This type of error occurs when online services simultaneously updating an account. The main reason for this error comes under a script issue that needs to be escalated.

Symptoms of Quicken Error CC-502

  • Temporary server outage
  • Bank information is not refreshed in Quicken
  • System freezes periodically

Causes of Quicken Error CC-502

There are several reasons which cause error CC-502

  • An outdated version of Quicken:-

This error occurs when the bank makes some changes that are not configured in Quicken. Changes in their web server can interrupt the updating process. If you want to avoid Quicken error CC-502 then, you need to install the latest version of Quicken.

  • The details of the online account are not synchronized:-

This type of reason occurs when error CC-502 can be account details that are out of synchronized. In this type of circumstance, you need to refresh the details.

  • Quicken file is corrupted:-

This type of error may also arise when the folder storing Quicken data gets corrupted.

  • Bank web service under maintenance:-

Sometimes, the bank web server undergoes maintenance which creates Quicken CC-502.

  • Virus attack:-

Many times, malware or virus attack can also result in this error. So, you should always keep your system junk-free.

  • Improper installation of Quicken:-

This type of error occurs when you do not install the software properly or the installation is incomplete.

Solutions to Fix the Error CC-502

Method 1: Refresh account information and update Quicken

  • First, open the Quicken account.
  • Go to the help and click check for updates.
  • If you see new updates click yes.
  • After that follow the steps to complete the process.

Method 2: Refresh your online banking details

  • Go to the account bar setting and find the account which facing error CC-502.
  • You have to click on the gear icon on the right side or you can press CTRL+Shift+N
  • After this process click on the update now.

Method 3: Validate Quicken Files and Deactivate Account

  •  Select the account list and navigate to tools.
  •  For the account list, you have to click on edit for the account having Quicken error   CC-502.
  •  Choose online services and then click on deactivate.
  •  Now, you have to click yes to confirm.
  •  Click ok and then done.
  • If you are sure that the Quicken file is not damaged, then follow these steps:
  •  Go to the File option and select file operations then click on repair and validate.
  •  Check out the validate option file and click ok.
  •  Click on the save then, the save transaction window will appear.
  •  If it finished once, you will see a data log.
  •  Go to the next and close the data log notepad.
  • If you want to reactive Quicken account then, follow these steps.
  • Navigate the tools and select the account list.
  • Click on the edit and then, select online services.
  • Select the option set up now.
  • After that give your username and password.
  • After entering the username and password, you need to enter Quicken ID and password
  • Click on the connect.
  • After that, you can link account information with Quicken.

Method 4: Create a new Quicken Test file

  • Click on the file and select a new Quicken file.
  • Save the test file with the name.
  • And then click on add account
  • Choose your account type and enter your username and password.
  • This will add an account with a test file and then click on finish.
  • Click on the account
  • This will show upcoming transactions.
  • Now, click on accept to all register them.
  • Update the account in the test file.
  • If it is done once then click on done.
  • Navigate to tools and choose to add an account.
  • Select your account type and financial institution.
  • And then write your username and password.
  • Click on the link to the existing Quicken account and select the account facing Error CC-502.
  • Then, click on Next and finish.
  • Click on a step update icon.
  • And then checkmark the account facing an issue and enter the password.
  • Click on the update now.
  • Click close when a step updates complete.


We have mentioned the above causes, symptoms, and how to fix Error CC-502 in this blog. This software is an efficient software that you must use to boost your business. This blog helps you to identify an error and resolve it in an easy way.

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