QuickBooks Error Code C=343: Easy Step To Resolve The Error

quickbooks error code c343

As we all know that the most generally used accounting software for anyone small and medium-sized businesses is only QuickBooks. And, whether you are a contractor, retailer, accountant or wholesale, it is very helpful software. Despite being an excellent tool, it also displays unexpected and unwanted issues or errors like QuickBooks error code C=343.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss the many easy, quick and parament ways to simply fix this QuickBooks error code. And, with this, we will also give the major reasons behind the QuickBooks error so that you can easily & quickly prevent it in the future.

What is a QuickBooks Error C=343?

The QuickBooks error code C=343 just shows ‘your file name is not executable’ when you simply open the QuickBooks desktop. And, the error code will also ‘restrict’ your access to the company file and QuickBooks accounting software might not respond. Always remember one thing, regular updates are most required to just avoid this QuickBooks error.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error Code C=343?

Here are some of the main reasons behind this QuickBooks error C=343 that when this error might appear on your system screen.

  • If you found a company file that goes out simply missing, or gets just damaged or else unregistered. So, at that moment, this error code C=343 in QuickBooks occur.
  • It happens in case MircrosoftCore XML services .dll are simply found missing.
  • And, when a new version is not just updated with regards to your accounting software, you get this QuickBooks error code.

Easy Methods to Fix the QuickBooks Error C=343

There are some of the easy & instant solutions to easily resolve the QuickBooks error code  C=343. And, it is pretty possible that the first simple solution itself solves the issue; still, if it does not simply resolve the error, then you can just move on to the other solutions.

Solution 1:- Update the QuickBooks Desktop

You have to update your QuickBooks desktop to the latest and new release regularly.

  • First of all, simply update the QuickBooks accounting software to the latest and new release.
  • Now, just open the QuickBooks software again.
  • Then, if the error has not gone then simply go on to the next solution.

Solution 2:- SAVE MSXML.DII Files

The MSXML.DII files are simply the third-party applications that can be easily and quickly integrated with QuickBooks accounting software.

For 32- bit system

  • In the first step, just open the ‘run’ command Window option.
  • Now, simply go to the search area and then just enter the Regsvr32 MSXML.dll.
  • And then, just do a click on the OK button.
  • After that, you will now simply get a message that just shows the ‘successful registered status’ that is, and now you will simply see a prompt saying ‘succeed’ on the system screen.
  • Lastly, just restart the QuickBooks software.

For 64- bit system

  • First, simply open the run command Window option.
  • And, now in the search area, just fill in the text ‘cmd’ to simply open the command prompt window option.
  • Then, just click on the ‘enter’ button from the system keyboard.
  • After that, simply fill in the command CD-Windows-syswow64 and then simply click on the OK button.
  • In this step, just fill in ‘Regsvr 32 MSXML3.dll’ and then simply click on the enter button from the system keyboard.
  • Now, simply fill in ‘Regsvr 32 MSXML4.dll’ and after that do a click on the enter button again from the system keyboard.
  • And then, both the ‘.dll.’ files are successfully registered now.
  • Finally, simply restart the QuickBooks application.

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Solution 3:- Uninstall and Re-install the MSCML.dll Files

  • First of all, just open the download page and then simply look for the files.
  • Now, simply download all the files on the system.
  • And then, just install these files on your system.
  • After that, do a double-click on the MSXML.MSI file and then simply perform the detailed instruction that is just shown on your system screen.
  • At last, just reboot the QuickBooks accounting software.

Solution 4:- Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

  • First, just download the most wonderful QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
  • And then, simply save the file to the local desktop, whenever just prompted.
  • Now, just RUN the QuickBooks install tool and then simply shut any open programs.
  • In this step, as per the system performance and also internet speed performance, it can simply take up to 20 minutes to just finish.
  • And finally, once you have just run the QB install diagnostic tool, then make sure that the components are always proper and correct.

Solution 5:- Operate the QuickBooks Software in Safe Mode

  • Firstly, just holding down the ‘ctrl key’, and do a double-click on the QuickBooks icon.
  • Now, QuickBooks software will simply open in safe mode with many of the company files.
  • And then, simply click on the file option.
  • After that, just choose the open file and simply browse through the documents.
  • Now, if QuickBooks software just opens, but still, the new QuickBooks company file is not simply opening then just try to verify and rebuild by:
  1. First, simply choose the file.
  2. Now, just go to file operations.
  3. And then, simply verify rebuild.

Solution 6:- Use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

In six solutions, simply look to do a clean installation. And, make sure that you have a full back-up of the copy of the data file in a safe & secure place for example in a flash drive or different folder. Now, just perform a QuickBooks clean install to simply correct or resolve the error QuickBooks C=343.

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