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Have you ever frustrated with the QuickBooks error 1402? And simply want to resolve this error? Then don’t worry about it because here in this ultimate guide we explain each and everything about this QuickBooks error. Such as its causes and also easy methods or solutions to just fix this error. Now don’t waste your time and just come with us and read the complete guide carefully, simply follow the instructions which we describe below and get rid of this QuickBooks error.

One thing that everyone knows the QuickBooks has generally used accounting software for small and medium-sized business organizations. And in the world of accounting & bookkeeping, QuickBooks accounting software always holds a leading position due to its advanced functions and features. With all this, QuickBooks software also has made the life of every business owner (who is using this best accounting software) very easier by simply organizing their complete business activities. But like other software, sometimes you may face some of the issues and errors while just running this accounting software. And QuickBooks error code 1402 is one such error that we are going to discuss in this guide.

This QuickBooks error 1402 normally happens each time a user simply tries to download a payroll update on their system. Although this error can be easily resolved. But with this, still affects your accounting software workflow of an individual.

So to easily and quickly resolve this QuickBooks error code 1402, you will just be required to take a couple of simple steps.

What are the Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 1402?

Here are some of the major causes of the QuickBooks error 1402. The causes are as follows:-

  • Corrupted or damaged QuickBooks company file.
  • Some heavy errors in Windows registry.
  • And some of the damaged installation files of QuickBooks software.
  • One of the main causes is the incomplete installation of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Excessive start-up entries of applications and programs.
  • And last is some hardware malfunctions.

Some Easy Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 1402

So there are some suggested ways in which you can correct this QuickBooks error. And in this guide, we will list three easy and quick methods. So just let’s look at them and the methods are as follows:-

Method One:- Simply Use the QuickBooks Install Tool

There is the best and amazing QuickBooks install tool that is simply provided to address any type of installation issues and errors. So to use this wonderful tool, you have to simply install it from Intuit and then just run the tool.

  • In the first step, just download the best QuickBooks install tool from the Intuit site.
  • And now, simply close any running programs and applications.
  • After that, just run the tool. And it might take approximately 20 minutes as per your network and the speed of your system to simply finish the process.
  • And at last, simply restart the Windows once the process is just complete.

Method Two:- Update the Windows and Install All Missing Updates

Improper QuickBooks installation can also occur if the operating system(OS) is not just updated efficiently. Here are some of the steps to do so simply follow these steps:-

  • First of all, simply click on the Windows icon from the bottom of the desktop (nearby start option).
  • In the second step, just perform a Windows update and then simply choose the ‘check for updates’ option.
  • Now, simply install any kinds of pending updates.
  • Finally, just restart your system such as a computer or laptop after the updates.

Method Three:- Just Reinstall the QuickBooks

Many of the time, some other applications and programs in your system can simply lead to improper functioning of QuickBooks accounting software. And this can also lead to heavy QuickBooks error code 1402. So in that case, you can just finish the complete reinstallation to rectify QuickBooks desktop error 1402.

  • Firstly, just go to the control panel and then simply open it.
  • And now, simply search for the ‘add or remove programs’ option.
  • After that, just search for the ‘QuickBooks’ option and then simply uninstall it.
  • At last, simply restart your computer and then just reinstall QuickBooks software again.

In Conclusion

So we hope that the above-mentioned easy, quick and permanent methods always help you to simply fix this QuickBooks error 1402.

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