QuickBooks Direct Deposit: Get A Comprehensive Guide

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QuickBooks accounting software always allows you to easily set up, edit, and remove direct deposit service for your company’s employees after you have just activated your QuickBooks direct deposit great feature in QuickBooks desktop payroll for your company.

As we all know that the QuickBooks is really the best & excellent financial software accessible in the market. It is generally used by thousands of organizations or companies. And it also helps in managing all track inventory which simply includes complete information in the kind of statements. A user can work together on some amazing features, like handling invoices, bill payments, bank deposits, payroll, and so on. The company gives time-to-time constant updates to make sure that a user doesn’t get any type of uninterrupted services. And using QuickBooks direct deposit form can always speed up every employee payment process.

QuickBooks direct deposit excellent feature includes a feature-packed tool that always helps in employee payroll management. And as a result, when you simply run QuickBooks direct deposit forms from the payroll, so that case you can directly & quickly pay every employee directly from the QuickBooks desktop.

How to Simply Activate QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form?

Easy and instant steps to simply activate direct deposits. And the steps are as follows:-

  • In the first step, simply go to the ‘employees’ menu, and after that simply choose the ‘my payroll services’.
  • And then just click on the ‘activate direct deposit’.
  • Now, on the ‘verify company complete information’ section, simply enter the ‘legal company name and also address’.
  • In this step, simply click on the relevant industry.
  • And after that, the user has to simply enter details such as- social security number, email id, and date of birth of the owner of the company.
  • Now, simply enter the bank information, payroll administrator complete information, like the complete bank account details registered in the QuickBooks account, and which will be just used for paying every employee.
  • An agreement will happen, the user has to simply click on the box to just finish the details. And after that, the users will have to simply enter a security question to always secure the complete details registered.
  • And at last, simply click on the ‘submit’ option, once the form is just completed.

Now, after just activating the QuickBooks direct deposit, the user is simply capable to make some changes such as edit, set up, and also remove direct deposit in the QuickBooks desktop for every employee.

How to Easily & Quickly Set Up a Direct Deposit in QuickBooks?

Some simple steps to easily set up QuickBooks direct deposit for every employee. And the steps simply are as follows:-

  • So first of all, simply go to the employee’s section.
  • And after that just select the employee center.
  • Then, the employee list will simply appear on your system screen.
  • After completing the third step, just double-click on the name of the employee for whom you want to just set up the QuickBooks direct deposit form.
  • And now, simply go to the tab named payroll information.
  • After that, just click on the direct deposit button.
  • And now, in the window that simply opens, for the employee for whom you just want to set up QuickBooks direct deposit, simply choose the use direct deposit.
  • After completing the above easy step, you have to just decide whether the paycheck is to be simply deposited into one or two accounts.
  • And then, you have to simply decide, you have to just enter the following information of your every employee – like the full name of the employee’s bank, employee’s account number, routing number, and type of account.
  • So if in step eight above you decided to simply deposit to two accounts, so that case in the amount to deposit field, you have to just type the amount or percentage to be simply deposited to the first account. And the remaining amount will simply go to the second account.
  • After that, simply click on the OK button so that all the data you have just entered get saved.
  • And finally, when prompted, in that case, simply type your direct deposit PIN.

How to Simply Edit QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form Complete Information of the Employees?

So if you simply want to update the complete bank information of every employee, so that case you can do so from the same page where you simply set it up for every employee. And when prompted, in that case, as everyone knows, you have to just type your direct deposit PIN.

And every user has to simply edit the complete bank account information of every employee before just creating a paycheck for her/him. Paychecks that are simply created before one single update of the employee’s full account information will be just deposited directly & immediately to the old bank account. So to avoid this, every user can simply delete and recreate the paychecks before sending them into QuickBooks accounting software. Just follow the steps which are simply given below:-

  • In the very first step, simply open the paycheck and then just go to the paycheck detail window.
  • And after that, just unchoose the user direct deposit option in the paycheck detail, simply choose the save and then just click on the close option.
  • Then, just open the paycheck again and simply choose the use of the direct deposit option. And after doing this, simply click on the Save button.
  • And now, permanently simply remove the direct deposit from an employee’s profile.
  • Now, for not paying the direct deposit to an employee, the user can simply remove them from the setup.
  • Then, just choose the employees and then simply go to the employee center.
  • And after that, simply select the name of the employee to just edit that profile.
  • Now, just look for the payroll information tab.
  • And in the end, simply choose the direct deposit button. Then, just clear the box use direct deposit for this employee.

How to Just Remove the QuickBooks Direct Deposit for an Employee?

So if you simply do not want QuickBooks direct deposit for an employee, so in that case, you can just follow the steps which are simply given below to easily remove her or him from the QuickBooks direct deposit setup:-

  • Firstly, just go to the employee’s option.
  • And then, simply choose the employee center.
  • Now, the employee complete list will simply appear on your system screen.
  • Then, just double-click on the name of the employee for whom you simply want to easily remove QuickBooks direct deposit.
  • After doing the previous step, simply go to the tab named payroll information.
  • Now, just click on the direct deposit option or button.
  • And finally, in the window that simply opens, for the employee for whom you just want to remove QuickBooks direct deposit, simply uncheck the use direct deposit box.

Ending Words!!

As we have discussed How to download and set up the QuickBooks Direct Deposit. So if you need to set up please go through this article, we have clearly mentioned all the steps that will definitely help you.

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