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Have you ever face Quickbooks error 1328? And want some fast and easy solutions to solve this heavy QuickBooks error? And if you don’t get a permanent solution for this big issue then don’t worry about it. Here in this ultimate guide, we discuss each and everything about this unexpected QuickBooks update error 1328. So if you quickly get rid of this error then simply read the complete guide and just follow all the below mentioned easy steps.

As we all know that the QuickBooks is a generally used financial software that is simply used by different kinds of small and medium-sized businesses. With this, it’s extremely popular and the best accounting software always includes both basic and advanced features. And by using this amazing QuickBooks accounting software, you can easily and effortlessly manage your day to day complete accounting tasks.

But with all this, QuickBooks software also has some big errors. And QuickBooks error code 13280 is one of the errors. While QuickBooks users just updating or installing QuickBooks software, then an error simply pop-up their system screen. And the error is QuickBooks update error 1328.

What is a QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

QuickBooks update error code 1328 normally happens while QuickBooks all the users just updating, installing, repairing, or even uninstalling the QuickBooks software. This heavy error may simply show up on your computer or laptop screen in many ways.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1328

QuickBooks error code 1328 can simply and always happen due to the following factors. So just have a look at some causes of this unexpected error:-

  • There is some major issue with downloading.
  • Program files have become simply corrupted.
  • Some of the issues have happened in the network.
  • With this, your system is just not working correctly and properly.
  • The installation files are simply wrong or incorrect.
  • And the complete Windows registry has just invalid entries.
  • Your system is simply affected by malware, trojan, or virus.
  • And when your system did not just shut down properly due to some power failure.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 1328

Here are some symptoms that can simply appear when heavy QuickBooks error code 1328 happens. And the symptoms are as follows:-

  • The QuickBooks user is just incapable to update the QuickBooks software.
  • And some of the QuickBooks users simply fails to install or uninstall QuickBooks accounting software.
  • The easy process of just repairing QuickBooks software cannot be simply accomplished.
  • Accounting software QuickBooks just stops or gets crashed.
  • QuickBooks update error 1328 flashes on your system screen along with the error message.
  • With this, Windows becomes just slow or crashes often.
  • And the QuickBooks software simply takes plenty of time to just respond.

Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Solution One:- Simply Locate the config.msi File

  • First of all, just right-click on the start key button and then simply choose the explore option.
  • After completing the first step, simply double-click on the ‘C’ drive option.
  • Now, you will just have to click on the tools and then simply choose the folder option.
  • And then, simply click on the view option in the toolbar and then just select all hidden folders as well as files.
  • Now, just click on the apply option, and after that simply click on the Ok button.
  • Then, simply operate all important system files.
  • In this step, just click on the right-click on config.msi and then simply select the rename option.
  • Now, at the end of a filename, simply include the .old and click on the enter key button.
  • So, this will just hide and protect your operating system files adding all-important hidden folders and files again on your system.

Solution Two:- Just Repair the Registered Tool Application

  • First, it is most important to simply run any registry repair tool. And also simply repair the complete damaged registry entries which are just related to QuickBooks software.
  • Now, use a malware removal tool to easily fix any kind of malware infection attack from your computer or laptop. And get rid of all malware from your system.
  • And then, you have to simply remove all the rejected or junk files from your system.
  • Now, it is also most important to uninstall all the outdated PC (system), device drivers.
  • After that, just restore by simply choosing to undo through recent system changes.
  • Furthermore, you have to just uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks software.
  • Then, simply run the Windows system file checker to just scan your system for damaged files and repair.
  • And now, simply install all necessary Windows updates.

Solution Three:- Simply Repair your Windows Installation Process

  • In the first step, just log on to Windows as an administrator.
  • And after that, simply open your Windows control panel. And then just select the features and programs option available there.
  • Now, just locate QuickBooks software on the list. And after that simply choose it, and then just click on the uninstall option by simply choosing the relevant button.
  • And, when QuickBooks uninstaller just appears, then just select the repair option.
  • At last, simply run the QuickBooks repair on your system, then, you will have to just apply the security patch when the repair simply completes.

Solution 4: Lastly Just Reinstall the QuickBooks by doing a Clean Installation

  • Step 1:- Simply prepare the QuickBooks accounting software uninstallation
  • Step 2:- After doing this, just make a clean installation of QuickBooks software. To do so, you can simply choose one of the given options which are just mentioned below:-
  1. As discussed earlier, the first option is to just install QuickBooks software directly from the CD drive given.
  2. A user can simply install the QuickBooks by a just downloaded QuickBooks installation file.
  3. Now, simply get ready to easily download or simply install the QuickBooks accounting software.

In Bottom Line

So by implementing the above easy and instant solutions, you should be capable of easily and quickly fix QuickBooks error 1328.

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