How To Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues: Manage Your Computers

QuickBooks desktop is a very well-known and popular accounting software it has many features that will help you to complete your accounting work easily. Now while you working on Quickbooks desktop sometimes you face that the performance of your software is getting low and it will hamper your work speed. Then you are looking for a way to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues. So we are going to discuss lots of ways that will help you to enhance the performance of your QuickBooks Desktop.

Enhance your computer performance:

We can say here that the QuickBooks system can support the most QuickBooks Users. If your computer system will reach these specifications and facing QuickBooks Desktop performance issues then you should increase the RAM that you are currently using so maybe the condition will improve. You should always remember that your aim is to increase the RAM in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you don’t know the amount of RAM that you needed for QuickBooks accounting software then you can multiply the size of your file in GB with the user’s number in the network.

Virtual Memory :

  • You should increase your computer’s virtual memory to more than 2 GB to make your application run smoothly on your computer. 
  • You should make sure that your virtual memory is running on the internal hard drive.
  • If you have multiple internal drives connected with the server.

Competing Programs :

You can call the competing program that is running side by side when QuickBooks is running. And as you might know that each and every competing program need RAM and processor capacity. If you want to see all your competing programs then you should open the task manager and then click on the processes tab. 

  • First of all, you need to shut down the programs and processes that run on your computer. It will enable the operating system to save more RAM for QuickBooks.
  • If you cant shut down the competing program, then you should move either QuickBooks or the competing program to another system. The exchange program is a common example that runs your email system.
  • There are too many programs that run on the domain server, sometime it will hamper the QuickBooks efficiency. That’s why you should move QuickBooks to another server.

RAM Improvements

  • First, you have to add memory chips. If you have 4 sockets in your server, and from which 2 have 1 GB DRAM chips then you should install two 1 GB chips in the rest sockets.
  • Then you have to upgrade the existing memory chips Like If you have 1 GB RAM then upgrade it with 2GB RAM.
  • You have to increase workstation RAM.
  • You should aware of the operating system’s limit that how much RAM it will support.

Upgrade your operating system

If still, you are not able to fix your issue after increasing the RAM or server then you should upgrade your operating system. There may be a problem with the older operating system as it could not have the perfect RAM limit to support QuickBooks Desktop. 

Upgrading Computers

If you are facing QuickBooks Desktop performance issues While using it then fix it with upgrading your server and workstation you should consider the following points:

  • You should make sure that you can save your data & file on your computer securely.
  • Now you should fill the RAM slots with the chip of the highest limit.
  • It should be a 64-bit computer and has an operating system. 
  • The clock speed should be 2.2 GHz or above.
  • Fast hard drive speed should be 7500 to 10000 rpm or should be SSD (Solid State Drive).
  • You should have a fast network interface. For example, a 1 GBPS card on your server will increase bandwidth.

Terminal Server

If QuickBooks is running in a terminal server environment then you can guess the amount of RAM used in the server 2 ways. 1st is that you will need 0.5 GB of RAM for each user. And if there are five users you have then you will require 2.5GB RAM. We have mentioned below the 2nd way: 

  • If there are 5 users, then you required 2-3 GB of RAM
  • If there are 10 users, then you required 3-4 GB of RAM
  • If there are 15 users, then you required 4-6 GB of RAM
  • If there are 20 users, then you required 6-8 GB of RAM

Where to store your data file

  • The folder where you save your company file will be affected by the performance of your QuickBooks.
  • You can make a folder to save your data files and other files in your C: root directory like C:\QBData\filename.qbw.
  • If you have to move the data file then always remember to move the complete data folder.

Use a networked computer

  • You should save your company data files on your internal hard drive connected to your computer on your network.
  • You should create a backup of your data file by using an external hard drive or flash drive.
  • We will note suggest you of using a network-attached storage drive. QuickBooks for windows is created to save the files in a computer with a windows operating system or Windows-compatible SAMBA share.
  • Remember QuickBooks will work with a server that is running a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Intuit never suggests them as they linked with performance issues.

Non-Dedicated Server/Host

You can use these points to make the decision on which workstation you need to save your data file if you don’t have any dedicated host or server. You should remember the below pints while saving your data files on the workstation:

  • You should check if it has installed the full QuickBooks program in it.
  • You should know that to minimize the data transfer on the network, QuickBooks should be used by the person who works a lot.
  • It has the highest RAM capacity.
  • Make sure that it has the fastest speed of the clock. 
  • It has the minimum non-QuickBooks work.

Your Data Folder

QuickBooks will use location C:-Users-Public-Public Documents-Intuit-QuickBooks-Company Files at the time of moving files and data.

Optimize your network interface card (NIC) settings

Check and Edit your network interface card settings

If you have found double mismatches then it will slow down the rate of transfer of network interface card settings. When one network interface card will set with a particular link speed and the second is linked with a different value then a double mismatch will happen. A mismatch will decrease the bandwidth to some MBPS. So reset all the settings of the Network interface card Link speed and double to the automatic setting to ignore this issue.

  • First, you need to click on the windows start button then select Control Panel.
  • Then you have to double click on the system and then choose the Hardware tab.
  • Now you need to choose the Device Manager.
  • Then click the Icon + to expand the list.
  • Now you need to right-click on the Network interface card and then select Properties.
  • Then you need to choose the Advanced tab.
  • Then in property, you need to select the link speed and duplex option.
  • Now click on the Value drop-down and then select Auto.
  • Lastly, you need to click on OK and then close the window.

Ending Words!!

We have discussed above the way to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues while working on Quickbooks. As you know that QuickBooks is the most important software for accounting work and make accounting work so easily. So in this case it will get very tough to work with the low performance of QuickBooks Desktop. So read this article carefully to resolve your issue quickly. 

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