How To Recognize And Report Suspicious Emails

It is a huge problem with getting suspicious emails like phishing, spam, spoof, or hoax emails. To get protection against these security risks would be awareness and prevention. Also, be aware that the suspicious emails will indicate that they have sent from Intuit and it can be asked to you to sign in with your personal information or downloading tools. So if you received these emails then don’t open them or try to access any of the links. We have mentioned below some steps for how to recognize and report suspicious emails.

What can you do to protect yourself from a phishing attack?

  • If you found that you received a phishing email targeting the Intuit brand then you should contact Intuit Online Security Center for more detail. If you have not found any similar email within the Security Alerts then you need to choose the Report Suspicious Email to file a report.
  • You should install antivirus software and you need to keep it updated.
  • You need to make sure to use the modern browser and keep it updated.
  • Have to keep your operating system and any other critical programs updated with the latest features. 
  • You should not reply to emails that asking for your personal detail like your account, password, or credit card information.
  • You should not open the attachment that says to be a software update. Intuit never sends any software updates via email. So That’s a good idea to ignore the email. 
  • You should keep a strong password on your computer and your payroll files.
  • You should not share your password with anyone for security reasons.

Intuit security commitment to you

  • Intuit will never send an email with the software update or software download link.
  • They will never ask you to send them your login or password detail.
  • Intuit will never ask you for your banking and your credit card information via email.
  • They will never ask you for any confidential information about your employees via email.

What Intuit can do to keep your data secure

  • Intuit will provide you detail that how to stay current with your Intuit Product.
  • They will provide you detail on how to securely download any update from your computer.
  • If Intuit will find it necessary to update your account information then they will request you to do in by signing in to your account or by contacting them.

Ending Words!!

We hope you like this article and understand that How to recognize and report suspicious emails as we have mentioned the steps to keep yourself safe from suspicious emails. So now you can resolve your issue by yourself.

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