How To Easily Restore QuickBooks Backup File?

quickbooks backup file

Many of the times, when you simply try to easily restore a QuickBooks backup file a heavy and unexcepted error message appears as “This is the invalid format of post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup file” or “Restore just failed can’t remove logfile”. This type of unexpected error indicates QuickBooks restore just failed and there can be various reasons for the failure.

And some of the QuickBooks users might get this message: “QuickBooks won’t simply restore a backup”. So here in this guide, we will discuss everything about easily and quickly resolve this restore QuickBooks backup file. And also with this, discuss different and easy solutions to simply resolve QuickBooks restore failed error.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error: You Should Know

  • The backup restores an actual or existing file.
  • USB flash drive always enables you to simply restore a backup.
  • Restoring a just wrong backup file.
  • The backup was done with the advanced, latest or different type of version of QuickBooks.

Some Causes Of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

The QuickBooks users may face some errors or issues while they simply restoring data from the QuickBooks backup file. And wherein the process just fails with one of these types of following messages:-

  1. “Error: Restore just failed. This is the wrong or invalid format of a post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup File”
  2. “Error: Restore simply failed. Can’t remove easily logfile”

So there are many types of reasons behind this failure which are just mentioned below:-

  • Damaged or corrupted company file.
  • All backup is simply restored in an existing file.
  • The company file includes some special characters.
  • The backup is just restored from a USB flash drive.
  • And the restored file is simply not a true QuickBooks backup file.
  • The backup has been done in the advanced and latest version but always restored in the older version.

Some important things to consider:-

QuickBooks Background Complete Details

  • QuickBooks accounting software always saves any type of data in a file with the .qbw extension (Windows) or .qb2017 (OS X).
  • QB always allows you to simply generate a full backup of your important data or information. The extensions simply used in these files are .qbb (Windows) or .dmg (OS X). With this, read-create QuickBooks company file and also backup in QuickBooks desktop for more information.

Solutions To Easily Fix QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

Solution 1: Simply Delete Special Character From The QuickBooks Company File

  • First of all, just right-click on the file name and simply choose the rename.
  • And after that simply enter a new file name and then just click on the enter button.

Solution 2: Just Avoid The Overwriting an Existing File While Restoring Company Backup

  • In the first step, simply save your file in an easily & quickly accessible location.
  • After that, if the file name matches with the different file in the same folder, a message will simply appear “The file name exists. So would you just like to overwrite this file?”.
  • At last, just click No and then simply change the file name.

Solution 3: Use The New or Same Version of QuickBooks While Restoring Backup File

For this, simply use QuickBooks file manager to easily know your QuickBooks version while restoring the backup file.

Solution 4: Simply Confirm True Backup File

  • Firstly, the file should not be less than 6MB, therefore you have to simply check the file size after creating a QuickBooks company file backup.
  • And in the second step, just right-click on the file. And then simply choose the properties to just check the file size.
  • Finally, the file is simply not a true backup file if it is less than 6MB, so in that case, you have to simply make a new backup.

Solution 5: Just Repair Your Company File

The QuickBooks company file may get changed due to various reasons. So in such type of case, simply use QuickBooks file doctor to easily troubleshoot any type of data damage.

Solution 6: And Repair QuickBooks Manually

You can simply use QuickBooks inbuilt rebuild and sometimes verify utilities to just repair QuickBooks manually.

  • So firstly, simply go to the QuickBooks file menu, and then easily utilities and rebuild all data or information.
  • And after that, just go to the QuickBooks file menu and then simply go to utilities and just verify all the data.

In Conclusion

This comprehensive guide will definitely help you to easily restore the QuickBooks backup file. And with this, help to quickly resolve any types of errors or issues instantly.

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