Easy Steps To Restore QuickBooks Backup File?

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Many of the times, when you simply try to easily restore a QuickBooks backup file a heavy and unexcepted error message appears as “This is the invalid format of post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup file” or “Restore just failed can’t remove logfile”. This type of unexpected error indicates QuickBooks restore just failed and there can be various reasons for the failure.

And some of the QuickBooks users might get this message: “QuickBooks won’t simply restore a backup”. So here in this guide, we will discuss everything about easily and quickly resolve this restored QuickBooks backup file. And also with this, discuss different and easy solutions to simply resolve QuickBooks restore failed error.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error: You Should Know

  • The backup restores an actual or existing file.
  • USB flash drive always enables you to simply restore a backup.
  • Restoring a just wrong backup file.
  • The backup was done with the advanced, latest, or different type of version of QuickBooks.

Some Causes Of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

The QuickBooks users may face some errors or issues while they simply restoring data from the QuickBooks backup file. And wherein the process just fails with one of these types of following messages:-

  1. “Error: Restore just failed. This is the wrong or invalid format of a post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup File”
  2. “Error: Restore simply failed. Can’t remove easily logfile”

So there are many types of reasons behind this failure which are just mentioned below:-

  • Damaged or corrupted company file.
  • In an existing file restored all the backup.
  • The company file includes some special characters.
  • Restored the backup from a USB flash drive.
  • And the restored file is simply not a true QuickBooks backup file.
  • The backup has been done in the advanced and latest version but always restored in the older version.

Some important things to consider:-

QuickBooks Background Complete Details

  • QuickBooks accounting software always saves any type of data in a file with the .qbw extension (Windows) or .qb2017 (OS X).
  • QB always allows you to simply generate a full backup of your important data or information. The extensions simply used in these files are .qbb (Windows) or .dmg (OS X). With this, read-create QuickBooks company file and also backup in QuickBooks desktop for more information.

Solutions To Easily Fix QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

  • To re-establish a QuickBooks company file from a local backup, Choose “File, Now Open Company file from the Menu list.
  • Choose the “Restore a backup copy” option button.
  • Now click on the “Next” button to continue the process.
  • Pick the “Local backup” option to restore a QuickBooks company file from a local backup saved to your network or to removable media.
  • Then pick the “Next” to proceed.
  • Use the “Open Backup Copy” discourse box that seems to explore to and afterward select the local backup copy to use for the re-establish cycle.
  • After choosing the document to utilize, click the “Open” button inside the “Open Backup Copy” exchange box to re-visitation the “Open or Restore Company” window.
  • As an option in contrast to steps #1 through #7 above, you can rather choose “File| Back Up Company| Restore Previous Local Backup” from the Menu Bar and afterward select the name of the local backup file to use from the side menu of decisions that shows up. In any case, you will at that point continue to step #9 underneath.
  • The “Open or Restore Company” window will show the “Where would you like to re-establish the document?” screen. Peruse the data inside this screen and afterward click the “Next” button to proceed further.
  • Use the “Save Company File As” box that seems to explore too, and afterward select, the undermined organization document to overwrite with data from the backup copy you selected.
  • After choosing the company file to overwrite, at that point click the “Save” button to proceed.
  • If overwriting a corrupted company file, QuickBooks may inquire as to whether you want to overwrite the record. Snap “Yes” in the message box that seems to overwrite the chose document.
  • Next, to affirm you need to do this, type “YES” into the content box inside the “Delete Entire File” window and afterward click “alright” to start overwriting the undermined organization record with the information from your chose backup file
  • To wrap up re-establishing the organization document in the event that you previously made a secret word for the ” Administrator ” client account, enter the password for the ” Administrator” account into the “Password” field in the “QuickBooks Login” exchange box that shows up and clicks the “OK” button. You would then be able to jump to step #20.
  • To wrap up re-establishing the company file in the event that you didn’t make a secret key for the ” Administrator ” client account, whenever wanted, enter an alternate name for the ” Administrator” account into the ” User Name” field in the ” Sensitive Data Protection Setup” discourse box shows up.
  • Now enter a secret phrase for the client account into the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields.
  • Next, select a challenge question and enter your answer in the “Appropriate response” field.
  • Click “OK” to wrap up re-establishing the record and make certain to record and securely secure the administrator client name and secret word, in the event that you made one!
  • Click “OK” in the data box that seems to instruct you to change your secret phrase like 90 days.
  • To make the company file up-to-date after restoring the company file, You need to re-emerge any exchanges into the Company file from the time that the reinforcement duplicate was made until the present time.

In Conclusion

This comprehensive guide will definitely help you to easily restore the QuickBooks backup file. And with this, help to quickly resolve any types of errors or issues instantly. 

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